The Minister of Solidarity launches a new phase for programs to protect against drug abuse in Rawdat Al Sudan

The Minister of Solidarity launches a new phase for programs to protect against drug abuse in Rawdat Al Sudan

Aya Amer

Published on: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 – 8:40 PM | Last updated: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 – 8:40 PM

Nevin Al-Qabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund for Combating and Treating Addiction and Abuse, launched a new phase of the initiative to implement awareness programs about the harms of drug abuse in the “Rawdat Al-Sudan” area in Giza Governorate.

Awareness initiatives about the harms of addiction were launched in many developed areas, “alternative to slums,” including “Al-Asmarat, Al-Mahrousa, October Gardens, Rawdat Al-Sayyida, Our People, the Suburbs Neighborhood in Port Said, and Bashayer Al-Khair.” Awareness programs are also being implemented in many areas. Being developed.

Al-Qabbaj explained that the initiative aims to educate young people from the region about the harms of drug abuse and correct misconceptions about abuse, as drugs help focus, stimulate memory, choose friends and other misconceptions and beliefs that some have, as well as respond to young people’s inquiries about the nature of the disease of addiction and methods of prevention and treatment. .

Al-Qabbaj added that the initiative includes taking effective and innovative measures for early detection of drug abuse, and implementing sustainable campaigns in developed areas as “alternatives to slums,” in addition to providing rehabilitative and social services and economic empowerment for addiction patients and those recovering. To ensure their continued recovery and facilitate their social reintegration.

She pointed out that this initiative includes all new residential areas, “alternative to slums,” at the national level. In the previous stages, the initiative had previously targeted many developed areas, such as the areas of “Al-Asmarat Neighborhood, Rawdat Al-Sayyida, Al-Mahrousa, Bashayer Al-Khair, October Gardens, and the suburbs neighborhood in Port Said Governorate.”

She pointed out that part of the initiative is implementing a program to raise the awareness of all school students in these areas during the school period about the seriousness of the issue and build their life skills to enable them to refuse drug abuse.

Al-Qabbaj explained that rehabilitation camps will be implemented to build volunteer community cadres from the youth of the “Rawdat Al-Sudan” area, in addition to launching a sports league among young people under the slogan “You are stronger than drugs.”

Awareness convoys will also be carried out using mobile units targeting youth and family gatherings with artistic and recreational activities, as well as training on acquiring family skills in order to prevent drug abuse, in addition to carrying out home visits targeting families in the region to make them aware of the seriousness of the drug problem, early detection mechanisms and how to deal with medical cases. Contact the addiction treatment hotline “16023”; To provide therapeutic services free of charge and in complete confidentiality.

For his part, Amr Othman, Director of the Fund for Combating and Treating Addiction and Abuse, explained that awareness programs are continuing to be implemented in the developed areas, “alternative to slums,” noting that 6 clinics affiliated with the Fund’s hotline “16023” have previously been opened; To receive those seeking treatment services in developed areas, provide advice and refer patients to receive treatment in the centers affiliated with the Fund and partnered with the hotline, which number 28 treatment centers in 17 governorates so far.

He noted that preparations are underway to open 6 new treatment centers in the governorates of “Giza, Qena, Damietta, Sharkia, Sohag, and Aswan.” These centers are scheduled to open during the current year, where all treatment services will be provided to addiction patients free of charge and in complete confidentiality, with a work program for the treatment team in the hotline within. Clinics in which a number of qualified psychologists are present daily for this purpose.

He concluded that a series of artistic, sports and social activities will be implemented in the “Rawdat Al Sudan” area. With the aim of promoting positive cultural values ​​and responding to misconceptions related to drugs, a number of preventive brochures and publications were printed and distributed to beneficiaries of prevention and treatment programs.


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