The Ministry of Interior organizes the fourth forum for pioneers and youth of the new urban areas in Port Said

The Ministry of Interior organizes the fourth forum for pioneers and youth of the new urban areas in Port Said

Mustafa Attia

Published on: Monday, February 12, 2024 – 4:31 PM | Last updated: Monday, February 12, 2024 – 4:31 PM

The Ministry of Interior organized the fourth forum for pioneers and youth of new urban areas over the course of 3 days and hosted them in the police village in Port Said Governorate.

The Ministry of the Interior stated, in a statement today, that this comes as an affirmation of the state’s endeavor with all its institutions to advance the human element and not just build new civilized areas, and as a continuation of the Ministry’s efforts to consolidate the values ​​of loyalty, belonging, and love of the homeland among the vanguards and youth of the new civilized areas by informing them of the history of the country. Their country and the championships it holds to prepare new generations who are proud of their belonging to the homeland.

The program prepared by the Ministry included visits to the landmarks of the historical city of Port Said, including the Military Museum and a number of historical and cultural landmarks in the governorate.

The headquarters of the Port Said Ports Police Department was also visited, which dates back to the 1930s.

The Ministry of Interior stated that, in recognition of the importance of informing young people about national industries, the Ministry organized a visit to the industrial area during which young people and youth were briefed on the factory for producing electrical circuits for cars and visited the rubber factory, which meets the needs of the local market.

The Ministry was keen to take these young people through the July 3 tunnels that connect Port Said to the eastern bank of the canal as one of the recent achievements, heading through it to the port of East Al-Tafria, which is one of the national projects established by the state and a main axis for global trade, and a celebration was organized for them there.

The program also included awareness lectures in addition to organizing cultural competitions, which reflected the extent of the development that the initiative had brought about in their culture and the extent of their knowledge of national achievements and constants, during which the scientifically, artistically and athletically distinguished among the pioneers and youth were honored, and the activities of the forum were concluded by organizing an entertainment party for them.


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