The Ministry of Sports and the Royal Commission for AlUla Governorate announce the holding of the fourth edition of the “Tawaf AlUla”

The Ministry of Sports and the Royal Commission for AlUla Governorate announce the holding of the fourth edition of the “Tawaf AlUla”

The Ministry of Sports and the Royal Commission for AlUla Governorate announced today the hosting of the fourth edition of bicycle races, under the name “Tour AlUla”, which will be held in AlUla Governorate, during the period from January 30 to February 3, 2024, in coordination with the Saudi Cycling Federation and the Federation. International Cycling Association “UCI”.
The hosting agreement signing ceremony took place between the Royal Commission for AlUla, represented by the Chairman of Tourism, Philip Jones, and the Saudi Cycling Federation, represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Abdullah Al-Wathlan, and in the presence of the Ministry’s Director General of Events, Mai Al-Halabi.
About 119 riders will participate in the “Tawaf Al Ula” race in this edition, representing 17 teams around the world, including: the World Tour Team and the Intercontinental Team, in addition to the most prominent Saudi talents, while the race consists of five stages, extending over a distance of 816.7 km.
On this occasion, His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki bin Faisal bin Abdulaziz, Minister of Sports and Chairman of the Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee, said in a press statement: “We are pleased today to announce the launch of the “Tawaf AlUla” race, which embodies the interest of our wise leadership and the generous support of His Highness the Crown Prince. Al-Ahed – may God protect him -, which directly contributed to changing the map of sports in the Kingdom. “To become an important global home and center for hosting various sporting events and events.”
He looked forward to holding a more distinguished and exciting version of this race, on the land of AlUla, which is rich in a great historical heritage and wonderful natural terrain, making it an ideal destination for cycling in the Kingdom, and a future name for hosting the largest international events in this field.
For his part, the President of the Saudi Cycling Federation stressed the unlimited support that sports in the Kingdom enjoys – praise be to God – from the wise leadership and the continuous follow-up of His Highness the Minister of Sports, Chairman of the Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee, indicating that the signing of this memorandum with the Royal Commission for AlUla Governorate It is considered an essential step, in line with the goals of the Ministry of Sports and the Saudi Cycling Federation, which will have an impact in enhancing the goals of Vision 2030. “The Kingdom has become a major destination for sports tourists around the world, by hosting major international championships, and holding this race in AlUla Governorate for the third time in a row is due to its distinguished geographical location, stunning nature, and race tracks developed according to international standards.”
For his part, the head of tourism at the Royal Commission for AlUla explained that work was being done to develop this version of the “Tour of AlUla” by welcoming the elite teams in the UCI Asia Tour through five stages. To highlight the best of AlUla as an exceptional sports destination, pointing to the imminent opening of the new 45-kilometre bicycle path for cyclists, which will be one of the paths surrounded by the most beautiful natural terrain in the world, indicating that AlUla has the potential to become the main headquarters for cycling in Saudi Arabia, which It is on the list of the fastest growing sports in the Kingdom.
For his part, CEO of ASO, Yann Le Monner, explained that during the “Tawaf Al Ula” race, the riders will embark on an enjoyable journey, during which they will see one of the most wonderful and picturesque natural geographical sites, and unparalleled archaeological sites, replete with a great historical legacy and a history dating back thousands of years. As a crossroads of civilizations, the region also has the ideal advantage of having all the necessary elements to organize a world-class race, with its difficult tracks and the challenge of climbing various hills, which promise an exciting and amazing race. Both mathematically and visually.”
It is noteworthy that the “Tawaf Al-Ula” race is one of the initiatives of the Quality of Life Program, which aims to strengthen national efforts in improving and raising the quality of life in Saudi Arabia, increasing the proportion of sports practice in society, and ensuring the provision of an integrated sports and cultural experience to participants in the races, reflecting the development that witnessed by the Kingdom.


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