‘The Monk and the Gun’ from ‘Thai Studio N8’ makes history in the ‘Oscar’ competition.

‘The Monk and the Gun’ from ‘Thai Studio N8’ makes history in the ‘Oscar’ competition.

Thai studio N8 creates new history for the Thai and Southeast Asian film industry. With The Monk and the Gun shortlisted for the 2024 Academy Awards, it marks the first time a Southeast Asian studio has been nominated for one of the world’s most prestigious film awards.

The Monk and the Gun It is a work created by Pawo Chowning Dorji Director with a history of being nominated for an Oscar The director previously presented Lunana: Yak in the Classroom in 2019, which received an overwhelming response from the judges and audience.

Previously, The Scent of Green Papaya from Vietnam in 1993 and Return to Seoul from Cambodia in 2022 were also shortlisted and produced by a French studio.

qualifying of The Monk and the Gun It is an honor and a guarantee of the quality of films and studios in Southeast Asia. This story presents diverse stories and new ideas to enhance the arts and culture of the region.

In 2006, Bhutan was experiencing significant political change. When the democratic system begins to interfere with the power of the kingdom During this time”Pawo Chowning Dorji” received the opportunity to direct a dramatic film that was intended to convey this change. Through characters filled with many actors

This film is not only fun, upbeat, and interesting, but it also reflects the challenge of embracing modernity. without being aware of the past.”Pawo Chowning Dorji” is a director with a wealth of experience in bringing actors into diverse and challenging worlds.

The film turns out to be both fun and amazing at the same time. with reflections on a time when the Kingdom was changing It is not only a work that indicates history. But it is also a mechanism that allows viewers to experience the emotions and experiences of those times. With a large cast and clever directing. Making it a movie worth watching this year.

The Monk and the Gun It gives viewers a glimpse into the mysteries of growing up and fighting the inevitable changes during difficult times. Mixed with unique story lines and chaotic concepts. This film has become a fascinating and challenging path in the world of film art.


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