The National Court also summons three of Jenni Hermoso’s colleagues to testify

The National Court also summons three of Jenni Hermoso’s colleagues to testify

The judge investigating the ‘Rubiales case’ for the non-consensual kiss of the former president of the Spanish Football Federation (FEF) to Jenni Hermoso has also summoned three players from the world champion team to testify as witnesses. The judge of the National Court Francisco de Jorge has summoned Jenni Hermoso’s three teammates on the national team to testify on September 25 and 28 and October 2.

Several close friends (family and friends) of Jenni Hermoso, who were at the Women’s World Cup final on August 20 in Sydney and on the return flight to Spain, must also testify as witnesses. Likewise, two defense experts have been summoned, who will go to the National Court to ratify the report provided by Luis Rubiales’ lawyer in court. Some of the statements will be carried out by videoconference, as reported this Friday by the National Court.

On Thursday, the judge in the ‘Rubiales case’ already summoned four FEF employees to testify as witnesses for alleged coercion of Jenni Hermoso: former soccer player Albert Luque, soccer director of the men’s team; Rubén Rivera, marketing manager of the federation; Miguel García Caba, director of the Integrity department; and Patricia Pérez, press officer of the women’s team.

The Central Investigative Court number 1 that is handling the case has already received, through the Australian Embassy, ​​”thanks to the rapid collaboration of its authorities, the certificate of the content of all the crimes of the Penal Code of that country in relation to the facts investigated and that are applicable in the State of New South Wales”, since the World Cup final was played in Sydney. Rubiales is accused, following a complaint filed by the National Court Prosecutor’s Office, of a crime of sexual assault and another of coercion, both punishable by prison sentences under the Spanish Penal Code, although replaceable to a minimum degree by fines.


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