The nature of camels… between gentleness and aggression

The nature of camels… between gentleness and aggression

The presence of camels in human life is evident in their unique personality, And its psychological nature, which distinguishes it significantly from other creatures, as contemplating its creation reflects religious and spiritual dimensions, and dealing with it is a source of valuable lessons and lessons, and riding it is associated with pride and honor, while possessing it is priceless wealth, with the wonder it adds., And amazement through its diverse character, and its magnificence andaIts relevance to its various types, This is what prompted the Saudi Ministry of Culture to take the initiative to name the current year 2024 as the Year of the Camel, and to approve it from the Council of Ministers, in order to establish! Because of the established status of camels, as an inheritance! Culturally! Reflects Saudi identity.


The behavior of camels shows a rare uniqueness that I lackH Most animals, who spends time with them, He understands her life and discovers aspects of wonders, Which excels theImagine, in the lines of Arab heritage, the nature of camels is evident in “loyalty and tenderness” as a prominent characteristic.

When the camel produces her milk during her conversation, she shows signs of kindness towards her owner aHe kissed her and she sought his help. She generously poured full milk for him, as a sign of the innate bond and unconditional love he reached for her fetus.

In the manifestations of camels, many pieces of evidence appear that tell stories MI was amazed at how eager she was to respond to her owner’s call, even if it was far away. Which is what he mentioned The owner of the camels, Muhammad bin Shuwaishan Al-Subaie, In one of his press interviews, where he told his inspiring story with his camel that he sold, he mentioned that he was attending a march For the camels of Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Al-Rajhi in Mazayen Umm Ruqayba, and he is the person who Bought from him The camel about seven years agoH Months, During a conversationHe’s with a friend The camel heard a soundHAnd began to pass between the cars that were separating themthey Until I stopped atH.

AndaHe confirmed in the press interview that after the camel stopped next to him, she turned around Her neck on a bodyH Which made him raise his hand surrendering to her embrace.


Despite the strong feelings of love, loyalty, and devotion that camels have, they may show bad tempera Take a turn! Unexpected towards hatred and revenge, where that it She does not forget who mistreated her even after many years.

The occurrence of hatred is due to reasons such as, repeated abuse, harsh exposure, or unforeseen change in the environment, And life habits, they change!For camels from their natural state to another HistYRayya She loses her balance, And she takes great revenge, This is what made the Arabs say in their proverbs and wisdom “There is no treachery except the treachery of the sea, and there is no hatred except the hatred of the camel.”And in the common hadith it is said: “So-and-so More hateful than a camel, This overwhelming hatred was evident in many poems, including what the poet Ibrahim bin Jaithin wrote in this context:

And your enemy has sex with her He would like you

You see his heart is on you Machine My job

Even if he gives you softness from his tongue

He is like the spiteful one of beautyY


To avoid the nature of hatred in the behavior of camels, they should be interacted with in a friendly and gentle mannerT Raised carefully, their behavior will be positive, as camels are characterized by a docile and obedient nature, as they demonstrate their superior ability to learn and adapt quickly to their surrounding environment.


Despite the exceptional loyalty that camels show, they have mysterious and volatile characteristics, as they noticeably show their anger through growling, growling, and kicking, and the phenomenon of “camel heat” may appear, in which camels refrain from moving., She remains bent in a fixed position for a long time, and refuses to eat and drink, This phenomenon reflects an expression!Expressing resentment as a result of the cruel treatment the animal receives from the breeder.

And in the season of TPair upThe behavior of camels is characterized by – Especially males, they become agitated and aggressive, becoming ferocious and dangerous, capable of attacking humans and other animals.


Camels have a sharp memory, as they retain details of paths in the desert,Under the darkness of the night, despite the passage of time and the increasing distances between them and their homelands, they remain engraved in their memory, remembering the terrain of the earth., And water sources.

And comeDr Camels, one of the most powerful animals ever, guide caravans,Responsibilities are transferred to her, and this superiority is demonstrated in StudyH aTo Apple in particular in the words of the poet Ali bin Bilal to my mother:

Indeed, God’s gifts are abundant in gifts

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And in the darkness of the night, it is more evident than the cat

Ships of deserts and intelligence in their minds


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