The New Year goes to the grassroots | Cultural tourism is booming and consumption is booming?? First-line insights from Tianjin’s Spring Festival cultural and tourism consumer market

The New Year goes to the grassroots | Cultural tourism is booming and consumption is booming?? First-line insights from Tianjin’s Spring Festival cultural and tourism consumer market

Now is the time of year when the flavor of the year is strongest. Yangliuqing Ancient Town in Tianjin, which was born due to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, is decorated with lights and colorful and bustling, attracting a large number of tourists to enjoy the New Year customs and enjoy the New Year.

The popular Yangliuqing Folk Culture Center is filled with laughter and laughter from time to time. Many tourists gather in the Yangliuqing Painting DIY Experience Area to experience traditional New Year painting production techniques.

Ms. Wang from Hebei took her 8-year-old daughter to make rubbings of a traditional New Year painting “Fish Doll”. “When I was a child, I used to put up New Year pictures at home. I am very fond of this traditional custom. This time I took my daughter to experience it.”

Xia Ting, head of the Tourism Distribution Center in Xiqing District, Tianjin, said that during the Spring Festival this year, the number of foreign tourists in Yangliuqing Ancient Town surged. In order to meet the travel needs of tourists, the ancient town has “beaded into a chain” the scenic spots, allowing tourists to immerse themselves in a cultural and tourism experience that is both trendy and folk-custom.

The atmosphere of “New Year” lingers in the Shijia courtyard, “the first private house in North China”; in the “Canal Memory Hall”, there is a dazzling array of Yangliuqing paintings, paper-cuts and other intangible cultural heritage products; as the night gets darker, colorful lanterns are superimposed on pop music festivals, Hanfu Immersive performances such as parades enrich the Spring Festival night consumer market…

Arriving at the “Yuchenghao” New Year Painting Workshop in the ancient town, the shop owner Zhang Hong was extremely busy. “New Year paintings reflect the changes of the times. Two New Year paintings specially designed for the Year of the Dragon are very popular among tourists. Just two days before the Spring Festival, nearly 200 people experienced woodblock New Year painting rubbings.” Zhang Hong said.

On February 12, tourists select cultural and creative products at the Yangliuqing Folk Culture Center.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Song Rui

During the Chinese New Year, Tianjin has launched more than 1,000 cultural and tourism activities with the theme of “China’s Red Tianjin Year”, creating a joyful, peaceful and lively festival atmosphere in Tianjin.

Chen Bing, deputy director of the Tianjin Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, said: “We use scene resources such as lantern festivals, ice and snow, native land, amusement parks, and drama exhibitions to integrate all elements of ‘food, accommodation, transportation, entertainment, shopping,’ and strive to create new cultural and tourism brands and new The scene will heat up Tianjin’s Spring Festival cultural tourism market and boost the consumption of cultural tourism businesses.”

Tasting delicious food is probably the most enjoyable way to get to know a city. Shi Shengwu, 54, runs a Tianjin handmade pastry shop in the northwest corner of Tianjin. Early on New Year’s Day, a long queue formed in front of his shop. According to the needs of customers, he quickly packs freshly baked donkey rolls, steamed cakes, sticky snacks and other pastries and snacks.

“As soon as the Spring Festival comes, business is very busy. Pastry sales are twice as high as usual. The customer flow in the store can reach thousands of people every day, and sales have also been rising.” Shi Shengwu said with a smile.

During the Spring Festival, many consumers also choose to go to large-scale commercial complexes to enjoy a one-stop holiday leisure experience such as shopping, entertainment, catering, culture and sports, and home furnishing.

The AEON MALL Tianjin Zhongbei store, which houses more than 200 domestic and foreign brands, has been crowded with people these two days. “For this year’s Spring Festival, the mall has launched special promotions, coupled with special dragon and lion dances, shadow puppet shows, traditional cross talk and other performances, attracting many tourists.” Store manager Bao Xianfeng said that only on the first day of the Lunar New Year, the mall Passenger traffic and sales increased by 117% and 110% respectively year-on-year, and are expected to increase in the coming days.

Many department stores and shopping centers in Tianjin have also launched “folk custom cards” and “cultural cards” to lead a new consumption boom. Tianjin Jinjie Commercial District held dragon and lion dance performances, and set up activities such as “Internet celebrity tumbler” and Sichuan Opera face-changing; AEON TEDA store launched activities such as shadow puppetry, Tang suit trying-on, and sugar painting of dough-shaped figures. Sales and customer flow The year-on-year growth rate exceeded 25%…

On the first day of the Spring Festival holiday, the sales of 473 commercial circulation companies monitored by the Tianjin Municipal Commerce Bureau reached 203 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.3%, and the passenger flow was 1.266 million, a year-on-year increase of 27.5%.

In addition, Tianjin also launches a series of special activities based on historical buildings, cultural allusions and customs. City landmarks such as the Five Avenues and the Italian Style District are beautiful, and there are cultural feasts everywhere; Jinwan Plaza combines immersive performing arts, special markets, and intangible cultural heritage New Year paintings to create an immersive cultural and tourism scene for the “Happy Year of the Dragon”… …

Chen Bing said that this year’s Spring Festival, Tianjin will highlight the regional customs and cultural characteristics, strengthen the creation of unique scenes, leverage the Spring Festival consumer market through diversified, experiential, and immersive cultural and tourism scenes, so that the joy of the Spring Festival will spread across Tianjin and Gu. (Reporter Song Rui)


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