The number of deaths rises to 8 after rains in the South

The number of deaths rises to 8 after rains in the South

The number of deaths in Rio Grande do Sul rose to five as a result of the rains in the state. The information was released by governor Eduardo Leite (PSDB) on his profile on X, formerly Twitter.

“Unfortunately, we have confirmed another death due to the rains in the State. A 67-year-old woman was found dead inside a flooded house in Eldorado do Sul. My condolences to the family”, wrote the governor on his social networks.

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Last Wednesday (15), Isabeli Soardi, aged 26, died after a sports center collapsed in Giruá. On Saturday (19), two victims were found, Elisabeta Maria Benisch Ponath, aged 51, and her mother, Lidowina Lehnen, aged 86, in Gramado, after the residence in which they were buried was buried. The following day, Luis Antônio Martins died after his car was swept away by the current on a state road.

According to a bulletin from the Civil Defense of Rio Grande do Sul updated at 00:50 this Tuesday (21), there are 63 people injured, 2,653 homeless and 7,527 displaced. Around 194 thousand were affected, directly or indirectly, by the heavy rains.

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Still in the south of the country, in Santa Catarina, a 46-year-old man died after colliding with a motorcycle into an electrical wiring in Palmitos. Two other victims, both women, died after the car they were in sank in a flooded area, in the municipality of Taió.

Data from Sunday (19) from the Civil Defense of Santa Catarina show that 71 municipalities are in an emergency situation, 37 municipalities have open shelters and 5,858 people are homeless. As for displaced people, the number is still being counted.

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Governor Jorginho Mello (PL) spoke about the effects of the rains to the press. “With the help of the powers, we will set up a permanent fund and I will talk to the federal government. We want to know what resources have already come and what will actually come to the city halls”, highlighted governor Jorginho Mello.

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