The office of the military ombudsman has appeared in Ukraine

The office of the military ombudsman has appeared in Ukraine


The Ministry of Defense created the Central Office for the Protection of Servicemen’s Rights, which will protect the rights of servicemen.

Source: website of the Ministry of Defense

Details: The department notes that the new institution is actually a military ombudsman.


The office reports directly to the Minister of Defense and is responsible for considering appeals and complaints of servicemen, providing primary legal assistance, conducting inspections and investigating violations of the rights of servicemen and their family members.

Direct speech of Defense Minister Rustem Umyerov: “The implementation of this initiative involves a comprehensive approach to the protection of the rights of soldiers and their family members, including responding to specific complaints, analyzing specific situations, visiting the places of violations, conducting inspections and further measures to restore rights…

If the inspection carried out by my order establishes the composition of the crime regarding the violation of the rights of servicemen, the corresponding appeal will be immediately sent to the law enforcement officers.”

Details: The Ministry of Defense listed the main violations that will be checked by the newly created department:

  • provision of servicemen;
  • the right to vacation;
  • prevention of abuse of commanders’ rights;
  • failure to provide/insufficient provision of medical care;
  • social guarantees;
  • violation of gender equality.

The department says that during the creation of the new institution, the experience of countries where military ombudsmen have already proven their effectiveness was taken into account: Sweden, Norway, Austria, Germany, Canada, Ireland, the Czech Republic and Belgium. In Sweden, the military ombudsman institute has been successfully operating for over 110 years.


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