The oranges are about to rot! ‘Dr. Seri’ reveals ‘Leader Prom’ and ‘Prom’ are likely to split up! Pour and don’t fix 112. I don’t have it.

The oranges are about to rot!  ‘Dr. Seri’ reveals ‘Leader Prom’ and ‘Prom’ are likely to split up!  Pour and don’t fix 112. I don’t have it.

13 Feb. 2024 – Dr. Seri Wongmontha, marketing and communications expert TV show host and columnist posted a message on Facebook that Spiritual leaders make magazines underrated Insulting the monarchy, writing books, posting messages on social media, giving speeches, lectures, giving interviews with content in the same direction.

The prophet is inferior to the monarchy. Admire the French Revolution bent on violence

The party uses the policy of revoking Article 112 to overthrow the democratic regime of government with the King as Head of State.

Teachers, party leaders, media that favors the party Help create a discourse Inciting three-legged children to hate the monarchy
Come out to assemble, give speeches, write signs, mock, insult the royal honor. Violated Section 112 of the law in a defiant manner. Insisting on amending or repealing Section 112 to the point of not being Prime Minister.

The Constitutional Court has ruled that the campaign to repeal Section 112 is an erosion of the monarchy.
The leader made a move to retreat. Because I want to be Prime Minister But Prom still refused to back down.

When Prowl does something inappropriate The leader has a tendency to take offense.

In the end, Prom will pour out the party, saying clearly that if he doesn’t fix 112 without me, this time Som is likely to be rotten to the point of being a mess. I can’t eat anymore.

Dr. Seri also posted an issue that has been called out. Justice must be done to both sides. Which two sides? The royal family and the three-kip children?

Isn’t the behavior of the Three-Kip children’s side still unclear?

And what information will be investigated from the royal family?

Does the message that justice must be done to both sides apply to this case as well?

Before you say anything, think carefully. Don’t say it and make people look down on your maturity.

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