The picón and the Canarian palm tree beautify the new face of the Arinaga Wind Farm

The picón and the Canarian palm tree beautify the new face of the Arinaga Wind Farm

Endesa, through Enel Green Power Spain, and the Agüimes City Council are in the midst of transforming the image of the Arinaga Wind Farm, the most modern in the Canary Islands, through a comprehensive beautification and landscaping plan. During its repowering phase, this park was a national and international benchmark, according to the company itself.

Now It’s time to give this space a renewed face where the picón in its different shades and native species such as the Canarian palm tree and the cardones, with which they are being used, play a key role as elements of landscape design. cleaning up the 40,000 square meters it occupies, equivalent to about four football fields.

The remodeling project also includes a perimeter fencing for the entire area, executed with wooden posts and ropes that allow this structure to blend in with the environment. The operators of the Agüimes City Council have been in charge of working directly in the different areas of the park until all the details of this beautification plan are completed.


A year ago, work began on replacing six of the old wind turbines in this wind farm, owned by the company Parque Eólico Carretera de Arinaga, jointly owned by the Agüimes City Council and Endesa, through the subsidiary Enel Green Power España.

The repowering, already completed during the last quarter of 2023, allows an increase in the old installed power of this renewable energy enclave located in an Industrial Estate. At this time, more efficient devices are available that will allow reaching a total power of 8.36 megawatts, which represents an increase of one 16.5% more kilowatts.

A repowering of 10 million after 22 years of operation

The repowering of the Arinaga Wind Farm involved the dismantling of the previous Made AE46 660 Kw wind turbines, the construction of the ground foundation and the installation of the new 900 kW Enercon E44. All of this triggered the movement of earth, the circulation of large-tonnage vehicles, and consequently, the disappearance of the garden area of ​​the easternmost section, close to the GC-1 highway, and partially the other two areas, hence these works to regenerate the landscape.

The repowering project, with a cost close to ten million euros, It ended in the last quarter of 2023. The six replaced machines had already completed their life cycle after 22 years of operation.


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