the police ran after her for more than an hour (video) — UNIAN

the police ran after her for more than an hour (video) — UNIAN

Three police officers tried to catch a Russian man on the roofs of four houses.

Russia has acquired its own analogue of the “ninja turtles”: in the city of Orsk (Orenburg region), a Russian man ran from the police for more than an hour, climbing the ropes stretched between houses.

The Ministry of Emergencies of the Russian Federation was impressed by the incident. The workers of the rescue service suspect that the man was under the influence of some kind of drug, writes rosSMY.

“He is about 20 years old. Where does he have so much strength? As we were told, he was under some kind of drug, such as salt,” the rescue service said.

It is noted that the rescuers and the police received a call from local residents on the night of November 19, approximately at 01:00. They reported about a strange man who had moved from a five-story apartment building to a neighboring two-story one using electrical wires.

As a result, three police outfits and a rescuer had to run after the “rope walker”. The Yurky Russian was caught only in the third hour of the night.

“While we will go up to the roof, we will open the doors and attics, he already ran to the second building. And so we chased him in the third hour of the night, jumping and jumping,” said a direct participant in the pursuit.

It was also noted that the Russian “ran” along the rope barefoot, without gloves.

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