The praise of moderation – Expresso

The praise of moderation – Expresso

A delegation from the Socialist Party went to the German town of Bad Münstereifel this week to participate in the celebration of the party’s 50th anniversary together with the SPD, the German socialist party. This event takes place at a time when the PS is preparing for internal elections and there are already many positions taken regarding who should lead the PS in a new cycle. It is essential to elect as general secretary the person who best interprets the values ​​and principles of the PS and applies them pragmatically to deal with the social discontent that fuels populism that cuts across ideologies.

Therefore, regardless of the personal and political qualities that the candidates have, another decisive factor in the election for general secretary of the PS has to be the credibility of the new leader to mobilize, not only the activists, but the country for a collective project to be voted in legislative elections. So, more than ever, above the froth of the day and the whirlwind of the media and social networks, it is important to remember where we come from and who we are. Go back to the basics, to what the Declaration of Principles states as the PS’s identity marks.

From the outset, the party’s positioning in the field of the democratic left, a political field that encompasses democratic socialism, social democracy and laborism as a response to the country’s problems and the demands of the world. A party based on the pluralism of ideas and which conducts its action aiming at the permanent improvement of democracy and a freer, fairer and more supportive society.

And the Declaration tells us more: without losing its identity, the PS remains attentive to the contributions and challenges of other reformist political families and critically dialogues with the remaining democratic forces, in the same way that it does not hesitate in the face of “democratic confrontation with the enemies of democracy, whatever their nature.”

It is around this uncompromising defense of democracy, as a political system founded on popular sovereignty, human rights, law and free competition between ideas and programs that the PS must be able to mobilize activists, supporters and all people who see themselves in a state of Welfare with strong institutions, capable of acting strategically and regulating the market to promote the public interest and the common good.

A State that promotes policies to promote work, employment and well-being, social protection, the reduction of inequalities and the fair distribution of income, policies that have proven themselves over the last eight years, reversing a cycle of impoverishment and inequality to which the PS was not resigned and managed to reverse, with vision, courage and determination.

On the other hand, paraphrasing the Declaration of Principles again, the PS is a plural, cohesive and fraternal party, open to civil society and promoting a climate of respect and dialogue among its members. Because only in this climate can we debate with elevation and a sense of responsibility, which, moreover, is the duty of any socialist activist. And this can only happen with a battle of ideas that does not seek to measure degrees of socialism, respecting the experience of the candidates and their visions and giving space so that activists can, with peace of mind, choose the leadership with which they identify. A leadership that keeps the socialist party faithful to its identity, without losing the ability to make choices that guarantee that only democratic parties come to government, with credible programs based on a clear vision for the country’s future and its positioning in the world .

It is certain that, whoever wins the leadership of the PS, we will always have a leader at the service of the country, I believe that José Luís Carneiro, with his experience, empathy, pragmatism and lack of arrogance, is the leader that citizens trust and He is the leader that the PS needs to continue following a path towards the future of the society we want. A leader who is aware of the magnitude of the challenge of overcoming a wave of discontent, but who, with his ability to listen, gather and do things, without fuss and safely, gives the guarantee of offering a path with determination and credibility.

It is no coincidence that moderation was one of the cardinal virtues for the Greeks. As Francis Fukuyama states, the recovery of a certain sense of moderation, both individual and community, may be the key to the renewal of democracy itself. The moderation that comes from the solidity of principles and the evidence given is the true firmness and combativeness that will allow the PS to continue to lead the country on a path of progress and prosperity.


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