The “richest 1%” in the world produce as many carbon emissions as the “poorest 66%”, warns report

The “richest 1%” in the world produce as many carbon emissions as the “poorest 66%”, warns report

You 1% richest in the world produce as many carbon dioxide emissions as 66% poorer. The conclusion is from a report published this Monday by Oxfam, a non-governmental organization that fights to end inequality, poverty and injustice. “People, companies and the richest countries are destroying the world”, he warns.

Data from one of the largest studies on climate inequality at a global level are for 2019 and show that, in that year, the elite of the “super rich” was responsible for 16% of global carbon emissions. This is the same percentage that “is equivalent to the emissions from the poorest 66%”, says the NGO.

“For years we fought to end an era of fossil fuels to save millions of lives and our planet. It is clearer than ever that this will be impossible until we also end an era of extreme wealth”, said the executive director of Oxfam International, Amitabh Behar, quoted in a statement.

What the British NGO calls the “polluting elite” is made up of billionaires, millionaires and people with an annual income of more than 130 thousand euros. About 77 million people are part of this group, the report indicates, against the five billion who are at the opposite extreme.

In total, this 1% of the population issued 5.9 billion tons of carbon dioxide — the main greenhouse gas — in 2019. How? Through private jets, yachts, space flights, luxurious lifestyles and mansions with an “extravagant” carbon footprint, as well as “through their investments and participation in highly polluting industries”, the report points out.

In an attempt to reverse this inequality and finance the green transition to renewable energy, Oxfam suggests taxing the wealth of the “polluting elite” and fossil fuel companies: “If action is not taken, the richest will continue to burn carbon what we have left (…), destroying any chance of ending poverty and guaranteeing equality.”


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