The right does the math so as not to let victory slip away

The right does the math so as not to let victory slip away

The arrival on the scene of the two candidates for the leadership of the Socialists, particularly the launch of Pedro Nuno Santos’ candidacy on Monday, left the parties on the right doing their homework.

Although Rui Rocha has already made it clear that he is not available for pre-election coalitions, in the PSD the doors have not yet closed to possible understandings. Although no one in management wanted to open the game, the Sunrise You know that in recent days contacts have been intensified with the Orange leadership, so that the party can present itself for the elections, leading «a true right-wing alternative front that can galvanize».

From what we are told, Luís Montenegro is considering, and, regardless of party understandings, the management is making efforts to add independent and prestigious figures to the campaign who can generate greater confidence in the PSD leadership.

In addition to the argument of the perception of an alternative with broad support, defenders of the idea of ​​a coalition that brings together the CDS and other parties, movements or personalities, argue with the weight of the concentration of votes. The argument is old, Hondt’s method favors coalitions, because that way votes are not wasted. And Montenegro needs as many votes as possible, especially after repeating this week that if it doesn’t win the elections, it won’t form a Government.

From what we have been told, this is still the time to reflect and listen to sensitivities. And if the majority defends a broad understanding, there are also some voices defending the opposite, «there are not many, but they have influence with the leader»they tell us.

The person who hasn’t wasted time thinking about the coalition scenario is Nuno Melo. The elections on March 10th are crucial and the CDS has a single objective: to return to Parliament, even if it is just with one or two deputies. The objective may be within reach, but centrists are experiencing an unprecedented reality: «It is very difficult to have visibility» and therefore, all steps must be well studied. For now, there seems to be a consensus on a strong idea: the CDS is missing from Parliament and this was noticed in the two years in which, for the first time, the party was not sitting in São Bento.

The path is narrow, but centrists think it is possible, especially because, for the worst reasons, the fact that the elections come earlier is favorable. «The more time passed, the more difficult it would be to recover»Therefore, a management source tells us, the objective of electing is within reach. The centrists’ weapon to get back to life is their cadres, who at the beginning of the year will show themselves at the party’s service.

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