The royal policy, singular pig

The royal policy, singular pig

It seems clear that the farce staged by the royal politicians captured the public’s attention. who is still interested in formal politics, and remains attentive to each chapter of the pathetic series #PhosfoPhosfo.

Let’s discuss the farce. Samuel García, pressured by Presidentlaunched the campaign for the Presidency. The tenant of the National Palace is urged to split the opposition vote. Samuel, an expert on the subject, seemed to be achieving his goal in just a week of proselytizing.

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As mentioned, The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) has an investigation folder against the governor of New Leon and their families. That would be the main reason for Samuel to shelve his promise not to abandon the governorship and pursue the presidential candidacy for the Citizen Movement. The unorthodox tax strategies that are said to be practiced in his law firm would be at the origin of his “Achilles heel.”

When he launched the presidential candidacy for MC, Samuel ran into a little problem: he asked for leave and, with this, the State Congress was empowered to appoint an Interim GovernorThis is how the Constitution of Nuevo León defined it first and the Supreme Court later, no matter how much they try to interpret the legal text. There is the figure of “Dispatch Manager” to remain in charge while an interim governor is appointed.

Samuel intended to leave a person he trusted in charge, to watch his back during his six-month absence, while he attended to the favor that his friend the President of the Republic had asked of him; but Samuel has been and continues to be in conflict with the State Congress, which has an opposition majority.the legislators wanted to impose an interim president related to their interests to take advantage of García’s temporary absence, or to force him to return to office and renounce his presidential aspiration.

Like so many postmodern figures, Samuel is a phenomenon on social networks, and his consort is his main asset. Beyond the local disputes between PRIAN and Samuel; on the national court, any other option would do less damage to the Broad Front for Mexico now your candidate Xochitl Galvez. That seems to be the strategy and it seems that they are currently executing it. We’ll see if it works for them or not. That’s another history.

Samuel decided to return to the government of Nuevo León, renouncing his presidential aspirations. He was more afraid of what his local PRIAN adversaries could do to him than of the file of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic. We cannot rule out that the President, de facto head of Claudia Sheinbaum’s campaign, participated in the final decision.

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The farce that we have just witnessed is nothing more than the “icing on the cake” of the pimp that has been reigning for more than twenty years in Monterrey party politics. I say “regiomontana” because the rest of Nuevo León is foreign to the cochinero that is handled in the capital, and I say “more than twenty years” because I think that in Nuevo León there is a before and after 1997, when Fernando Canales came to the Government of the State. Before 1997 everything was the old PRI, the old, stale system that we knew ad nauseam.

After 1997 is the story of a transition to democracy that fails again and again. Political elites who never tire of betraying a people who are not afraid of change, who have already exhausted all partisan colors and cannot unravel the web of corruption and pettiness that prevails in the parties.

The PAN perished because it was eaten up by ambitious young politicians, no longer so young, who erased the good intentions of an “old guard” that acted as if they saw everything in rosy colors. In Nuevo León, as in all of Mexico, the idea that, with the fall of the PRI, everything was going to be fixed, failed. The PRI returned corrected and increased. Rodrigo Medina made Alfonso Martínez Domínguez see Socrates Rizzo like breastfed babies in matters of authoritarianism and corruption.

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The independent adventurer ended up in jail and before that as a hostage Peña grandson. Samuel now comes to crown the failure of the fourth way. Aimless protagonism, arrogance and superficiality without real results in people’s daily lives.

By the way, and before finishing, I think that this whole matter has made it clear that the supposed power of the New Leon business groups over the acting governors is a legend. The corruption/pettiness incentive system can do more than the wealthiest businessmen in Monterrey. Furthermore, wealth has expanded to new players and that expands the margins of maneuver and power of the political class above the local business community.

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