The Secretariat appoints new personnel

The Secretariat appoints new personnel

TPO – The Secretariat appointed Mr. Nguyen Dinh Vuong to the position of Assistant Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front.

On the afternoon of December 6, in Hanoi, the Party Union and the Standing Committee of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front held a conference to announce the Decision on cadre work. According to Decision No. 1044-QDNS/TW dated November 28, 2023, the Secretariat decided to appoint Comrade Nguyen Dinh Vuong, Director of the Department, Secretary of Comrade Do Van Chien, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Party Youth Union , Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front holds the position of Assistant to Comrade Do Van Chien.

Mr. Do Van Chien, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Party Youth Union, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front presented the Decision to New Assistant Nguyen Dinh Vuong. Image:

On the afternoon of December 6, at the 18th meeting (regular session at the end of 2023), Phu Yen Provincial People’s Council elected additional positions of Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Council and the positions of Head and Deputy Head of the Provincial People’s Council. At the meeting, 49/49 attending delegates agreed to pass a Resolution confirming the election results of Vice Chairman of Phu Yen Provincial People’s Council, term VIII, term 2021 – 2026 for Mr. Do Thai Phong – Provincial Party Committee member, Secretary Song Cau Town Party Committee letter. Mr. Do Thai Phong, born August 26, 1980; Hometown: Hoa Thang commune, Phu Hoa district, Phu Yen province.

On the evening of December 6, the leader of Ha Tinh Provincial Police said that the unit had just mobilized the total force of professional units, criminal police forces, and local police to coordinate the search for two escaped prisoners. escape from prison.They are Phan Cong Thanh (36 years old, from Thach Chau commune, Loc Ha district), who is serving a sentence for fraudulent appropriation of property, and Nguyen Dac Hoang (39 years old, from Cam Nhuong commune, Cam Xuyen district), convicted Crime of illegal drug trafficking. Before that, around 3:00 p.m. the same day, taking advantage of loopholes, Thanh and Hoang escaped from Xuan Ha detention center (Cam Son commune, Cam Xuyen district). According to the description, the two suspects were wearing black shirts and boots. A person with a square face and thick eyebrows. The other person has a sharp face and dark lips.

On December 6, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hai Ha district, Quang Ninh, Ho Duc Quang, said that in the area, there had just been a case of a reporter being assaulted while working.Initial information, at about 11:00 a.m. on the same day, HV reporter (Quang Ninh Provincial Communications Center) worked on a specialized collaboration between Hai Ha district and Quang Ninh Provincial Communications Center in the Quang Minh commune area. Here, HV reporter used a personal phone and camera to record images of two container trucks loading goods from a raft under the sea onto the truck. At this time, a young man (unidentified) approached the HV reporter, snatched the phone, pulled out the camera’s memory card, and threw both into the sea. After the incident, reporter HV went to Hai Ha District Police to report the incident.

On December 6, the leader of the People’s Committee of Cam Binh ward (Cam Pha city, Quang Ninh) said that a self-immolation incident in the area had just occurred, causing a man to die. Accordingly, around 10:30 on the same day, people discovered a man (unidentified) going to an empty lot in group 2, Hoa Lac area, Cam Binh ward. Here, this person doused himself in gasoline and then lit himself on fire. Because the incident happened so quickly, people did not have time to respond. The fire was so large that the man died on the spot. Authorities are investigating the case and verifying the identity of the deceased.

According to National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting, On December 7, the weather in the North is still dominated by increasingly cold air. The characteristics of this cold spell are deep cooling at night and early morning, and high humidity. During the day, the temperature increased slightly compared to the previous day, the highest was 24-26 degrees Celsius and there was sunshine so it felt warmer than the previous days. Cold air impacts to the south, causing many places in the North Central and Central Central regions to cool down. At the same time, thunderstorms continue in provinces and cities from Quang Tri to Quang Ngai with an amount of 10-20mm, in some places over 40mm. The rain concentrates in the early morning in the area from Ha Tinh to Thua Thien Hue. On the evening and night of December 7, the rain gradually decreased.

On the evening of December 6, Tam Thang Commune Police (Tam Ky City, Quang Nam) said that people had just discovered an abandoned 2-month-old baby boy. Accordingly, at around 2:50 p.m. on the same day, local people discovered a baby boy wrapped in a blue towel, along with diapers, a milk bottle, the baby’s clothes and a letter. The content of the letter is that the baby boy was born on October 2, 2023. The single mother was unable to raise him, so she asked for help. The mother also apologized to her son and hoped he would find a good family. According to Tam Thang Commune Police, the baby boy weighs 5kg and is in good health and is being temporarily cared for by people. (SEE DETAILS)

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