The Spanish series “Valeria” is the new millennial “Sex and the City” | News from Mexico

The Spanish series “Valeria” is the new millennial “Sex and the City” |  News from Mexico

Netflix has launched its new original series, ‘Valeria’, as an exciting successor to ‘Sex and the City’. The production promises a fresh and honest vision of the complexities of modern life and female relationships, bringing to the screen a captivating and nuanced narrative.

‘Valeria’ revolves around the life of the eponymous protagonist, played by Diana Gómez, a writer who faces universal questions about love, monogamy and self-improvement. The series presents Valeria with her best friends: Lola (Silma López), Carmen (Paula Malia), and Nerea (Teresa Riott). Together, they explore themes such as sexuality, open relationships and the complexities of modern life, all with exceptional chemistry.

Unlike ‘Sex and the City’, ‘Valeria’ moves the action to current times, providing a fresh and relevant perspective for contemporary women. The cast, which includes Maxi Iglesias as Victor and Ibrahim Al Shami as Adrian, convincingly embodies the challenges of friendship, love and personal growth in an ever-changing world.

Literary Inspiration

The series ‘Valeria’ takes inspiration from the book saga by the writer Elisabet Benavent, with titles like ‘In Valeria’s Shoes’ and ‘Valeria Naked’. Collaborating closely with Benavent, the cast and creative team build authentic and complex characters that capture the essence of contemporary life.

‘Valeria’ arrived on Netflix on May 8, 2020and exceeded expectations thanks to its fresh and honest approach about the current female experience. The cast has highlighted the authenticity of the characters and the series’ ability to reflect real life, addressing themes such as love, friendship and authenticity with humor and realism.

The series has evolved from its beginnings as a light comedy to tackling deeper themes, such as street harassment, feminist fight and childhood trauma. Despite maintaining its romantic charm,’Valeria‘manages to go beyond the light layers to explore deeper issues without losing its narrative appeal.

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Although Netflix has declared that the third season marks the end of the series, fans are waiting for more, convinced that there are still many stories to tell. With three seasons available, ‘Valeria’ offers an immersive 8-episode experience of approximately 40 minutes each, providing an authentic look at modern life and the complexities of relationships from the perspective of four strong, complex women. Will you dare to immerse yourself in the captivating world of ‘Valeria’?

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