The strange edge of Mashhad City Council with 2 presidents / When the president is dismissed, he doesn’t want to leave

The strange edge of Mashhad City Council with 2 presidents / When the president is dismissed, he doesn’t want to leave

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Fars: The public meeting of the Islamic Council of Mashhad city was accompanied by a strange challenge from two leaders for this institution.

The meeting of the city’s Islamic council started today, Monday, when two members of the council claimed to be the president of this institution at the same time.

The story of this news-making margin dates back to about ten days ago, when a number of members of the council voted for Mohedian’s incompetence to head the council and dismissed him.

This is despite the fact that two days ago, Khorasan Razavi’s General Inspection Organization announced in a letter that the action of city council members in electing a new president lacked legal authority.

Controversial margin in Mashhad City Council

The inspection organization’s letter is while today’s meeting of the Mashhad City Council was accompanied by a margin. Today, citing the same letter, Mohdian appeared in the public meeting of the council as the chairman, on the other hand, Nashi also attended the meeting as the elected chairman of the members, and before the public meeting, both of them claimed to be the chairman of the city council.

Spokesman of the city council: Mohedian was present at the election of the head of the council and now he must adhere to the law

In response to these comments, Musa Al-Reza Haji Beglu, the spokesman of the city’s Islamic Council, said: “Mr. Mohdian was able to get the majority of the city council’s votes with the consent of two substitute members when he voted for the presidency.” When those two members left the council, we and some members had problems with the way the meetings were managed. According to the by-laws, Mr. Mohdian was dismissed by the opinion of the majority of the members, and we all must obey the law, but some members of the council say that part of the by-laws is good and they argue for it, and where it is not in their interest, they do not pay attention to the by-laws. !

Haji Baglo continued: The governor has nothing to do with the issue of the Board of Governors. Because this is an internal issue and the governor gives an opinion regarding the approval of the plans. The selection of the board of directors is at the discretion of the city council, and Mr. Mohdian must obey the law. As a result, he should let Nasahi take over the chairmanship of the council, and if he has any objections, he should file a complaint with the Court of Administrative Justice or the Dispute Resolution Council.

The spokesman of the city council said: Mr. Mohdian was present in the voting session and our question is the same, if you do not accept the vote of the members, why did you participate in the election of the council president? You must respect the law and if you have objections, file a complaint in the legal authorities.

Mohdian: The election of the head of the council was a one-time meeting and there was no resolution

The chairman of the city council also told Fars reporter: I was not present in the meeting where the board of directors was elected. Because that meeting was a session and they couldn’t have a resolution at all.

Hassan Mohdian added: The fate of the council is very uncertain. The letter should go to the governor. If the governor accepts the protest of the friends, the legal process of electing the president will go through. If the governor does not accept, I will be the head of the city council in the next year. Any decision passed by the city council must go to the governor, and if the governor approves this decision, I will abide by it.


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