The T-62MV tank of the 2022 model is the best version of the T-62, but there is an important nuance — UNIAN

The T-62MV tank of the 2022 model is the best version of the T-62, but there is an important nuance — UNIAN

It is noted that it does not matter that the tank is slow and poorly protected, if there is almost nothing to shoot at it.

The Army of the Russian Federation uses the most advanced version of the T-62 four-seater 42-ton tank. We are talking about a platoon of the 5th tank brigade of the Russian army.

The edition of Forbes writes that the T-62MV of the 2022 model with new optics, additional reactive armor, a mine-barrier shield, armor for drones and a radio-controlled silencer is still the T-62. It still has thin armor and isn’t powerful enough even with the extra weight – and it’s still equipped with a 115mm gun that doesn’t differ in accuracy.

Such tanks are supposedly in service with the 5th tank brigade of the Russian Federation in the Donetsk region. It is also possible that the tanks belong to the 39th motorized rifle brigade in Donetsk.

The basic T-62MV, built in the 1960s and modernized in the 1980s, is already obsolete, but Russia has many hundreds of such tanks in storage. Therefore, when in the middle of 2022 the losses of Russian tanks in Ukraine exceeded a thousand units – this is a third of the pre-war tank forces of Russia – the Kremlin began to modernize the T-62.

Some of them went to the front without significant improvements. Others received a modest boost. The modernized T-62МВ turned into the T-62МВ model of 2022, received external reactive armor and a modern gunner’s sight 1ПН96МТ-02 for the main gun.

T-62MV of the 2022 model, in service with the 5th Guards Army, have additional modifications, including plows for digging mines, armor with a cage for intercepting FPV drones, and RP-377 EW.

Plows and protection from drones eliminate the most serious threats that tankers on both sides of the war face every day: mines and FPV drones, but they do not eliminate the main shortcomings of the T-62. The diesel engine develops a capacity of only 620 horsepower. Given that the T-62MV with three tons of ERA and unmanned armored vehicles can weigh more than 45 tons, the power-to-weight ratio is less than 14 horsepower per ton.

The modern T-90M produces 26 horsepower per ton; one of the Ukrainian American tanks M-1A1 – 22 horsepower per ton. All this indicates that the T-62 is not powerful enough. And this affects his mobility – especially if he tries to make his way through a minefield.

Defense also remains a problem. Reactive armor can double the protection against some high-explosive munitions, but it will do little to repel non-explosive penetrating projectiles. Defense against drones also works best against drones that throw grenades. The cell is less effective against maneuverable FPV models.

At the same time, the RP-377 will not be able to attack the FPV from the ground. Ukrainian operators have found ways to deal with interference from RP-377 – most likely, by quickly changing control frequencies. None of these qualifications means anything special while Ukraine is struggling with a shortage of ammunition caused by the fact that pro-Russian Republicans in the US Congress have been blocking American aid to Ukraine since October. It does not matter that the tank is slow and poorly protected, if there is almost nothing to shoot at it.

Russian tank T-62 for the war against Ukraine – latest news

The Forbes publication wrote that, desperate to replace dozens of tanks that the Russian Federation is losing every month in its large-scale war against Ukraine, and equally desperate to give the replacement tanks a fighting chance to survive their first encounter with Ukrainian troops, Russia is taking 60-year-old T-62 tanks from long-term storage and equips their steel hulls and towers with additional armor.

Russia’s losses in the war against Ukraine as of February 12 amounted to 6,416 tanks.

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