the temperature will drop to -13° — UNIAN

the temperature will drop to -13° — UNIAN

In a few days, the weather in Ukraine will change.

Abnormally warm weather will last until the middle of February in Ukraine, but then a powerful anticyclone will bring cooling with blizzards and 10-degree frosts. Forecaster Igor Kybalchich, candidate of geographical sciences, told about this in a comment to “Telegraf”.

He said that the first decade of February turned out to be abnormally warm throughout Ukraine. In the southern regions and in the Carpathian region, on some days the daily air temperature rose to +13 … +19 °C, which is much higher than the climatic norm.

According to the forecaster, the warm weather will last in Ukraine until the middle of the month. At the same time, there will be rain, drizzle, and wet snow in the Carpathians and the Far North. Due to the weak wind and high air humidity, fogs will be observed, which will reduce visibility to 200-500 meters in some places. The temperature at night will fluctuate within the range of +3…+10 °C, during the day the air will warm up to +6…+11 °C, and on February 12-13 in the central, southern and eastern regions, warming up to +12 is possible in some places. .. +17 °С.

Significant changes in the synoptic situation over Eastern Europe should be expected after February 15, says the forecaster. He explained that an anticyclone will arise over the Middle Volga, the influence of which will spread to our country. Since an anticyclone will form over a cold surface, frosty air will circulate within it, and thanks to steady easterly winds, the gusts of which will reach 15-17 m/s in the Azov region, Donbass, and Crimea, this cold will quickly reach the territory of our country.

“The cooling will begin in the northern and eastern regions, and will affect the western part and the Odesa region least of all. However, on February 16-18, the air temperature will drop in Slobozhanshchyna to -8…-13 °C at night and to -3…-8 °C during the day,” predicts Igor Kybalchich.

Thus, until February 20, frost will cover the entire territory of Ukraine, and the average daily temperature will be 3-6 degrees below the climatic norm. Due to strong easterly winds, a storm will be observed in the sea area of ​​the Sea of ​​Azov from February 16 to 18, as well as storm surges.

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“Thus, the abnormally warm first half of the month will be replaced by a very noticeable cooling in the middle of the second decade. Precipitation will gradually change from rain to snow, ice will form, and a blizzard is possible in places in the northern and eastern regions,” the forecaster summarized.

Only Transcarpathia, according to his data, will remain in relatively warm air, since the mountains will prevent the spread of cold from the east.

In the coming days, warm weather with periodic precipitation is expected in Ukraine. From February 13, the temperature will start to decrease a little, but it will still be warm, as for winter.

So, on February 14, at night and during the day in Ukraine, +3 … +9 is expected, and in the southern part, thermometers will show up to +15.

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