The Thai national team defeated Singapore 3-1 to win the World Cup qualifiers.

The Thai national team defeated Singapore 3-1 to win the World Cup qualifiers.

November 21, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. Thailand time at Singapore National Stadium. 2026 World Cup qualifying round, Asia Zone, Round 2, Group C, second match, Singapore national team meets Thailand national team.

In the first game, Singapore lost to South Korea 0-5, while Thailand lost to China 1-2.

In this game, Mano Polking placed Supachai Jaided as the target, supported by Suphanat Mueanta, Supachoke Sarachat and Ekanit Panya.

The game started 5 minutes from a quick throw-in by Teerathorn Bunmathan, allowing Ekanit Panya to flick it in for Supachok Sarachat to shoot in, giving the Thai national team a 1-0 lead.

After that, Thailand continued to attack hard and in the 28th minute, Pithiwatt Sukchitthammakul Tried to look far with his left but still caught Hassan Sonny.

In the 33rd minute, from a counterattack, Ekanit Panya let Supachai Jaided shoot with his left, but it still made a save from Hassan Sunny.

In the 36th minute, Nitiphong Selanont dropped to the right before passing into the middle for Ekanit Panya to cross and make Hassan Sunny’s save.

In the 41st minute, Singapore scored an equalizing goal when Ikhan Fandy received the ball in front of the penalty area before Song Eui Yong passed for Chawal Annuar to shoot in, bringing the score back to level at 1-1 and the half ended. first with this score

In the second half, in the 66th minute, Thailand made additional substitutions by sending Bodin Phala, Weerathep Pomphan and Teerasil Dangda to play instead of Pithiwatt Sukchitthammakul, Supachai Jaided and Nitipong Selanont.

In the 66th minute, Thailand scored a goal. Taking the lead from the moment when Teerasil Dangda stabbed Suphanat Mueanta to shoot, giving the Thai national team the lead again to 2-1.

In the 87th minute, Suphanat Mueanta received the ball in front of the penalty area. Before shooting with the right, the ball dipped into the first post. Thailand led 3-1.

During the remaining period, there were no additional goals. At the end of the game, the Thai national team defeated Singapore 3-1, collecting the first three points and moving up to 2nd place in Group C.

The next match schedule, the Thai national team will have a warm-up queue with Japan national team on January 1, 2024, before competing in the 2023 Asian Cup finals in Qatar. During the month of January

List of 11 real players

Kamphon Pathamarakkul (GK), Theerathon Bunmathan (C), Elias Dolo, Sarach Yooyen, Supachoke Sarachat, Ekanit Panya, Supachai Jaided, Suphan Thongsong, Nitipong Salao. Non, Pitiwat Sukjitthammakul, Suphanat Mueanta


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