the top 7 bravest dog breeds are named – UNIAN

the top 7 bravest dog breeds are named – UNIAN

If you primarily need a defender of the house, and not a fluffy companion, pay attention to these breeds.

If for a person bravery is largely a more or less conscious moral choice, then for dogs it is a completely innate instinct. Therefore, the bravery of your dog often directly depends on what breed it belongs to. After all, as you know, the breed often determines the character of the dog.

StudyFinds has studied numerous expert sources to compile a list of the seven bravest dog breeds. If you do not agree with this rating, because it does not have the breed of your brave defender – do not worry! After all, breed is not everything. We will not explain to you that each dog has its own character, formed in particular and as a result of your efforts to raise it.

So, the top of the bravest dog breeds according to experts:


Who will be the first to rush to your defense if not a giant Rottweiler?

Rottweiler is not just a strong dog, but also a smart and loyal companion. Once they were bred to protect herds from predators on pastures, but this also meant that Rottweilers also protect their owners well.

Rottweiler / photo

German shepherd

The second place on the list is occupied by a German shepherd! A large hardworking dog known for its intelligence, agility and versatility. German shepherds are quite popular among canine units of the police and armed forces around the world. He is also a brave bodyguard of his family.

It is noteworthy that this dog gets along well with other family members, even with cats, which it is ready to protect no less than its owner.

German shepherd / Photo UNIAN

Doberman pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher is another great breed when you’re looking for a home protector.

These dogs are known for their protective instincts, they are one of the smartest dog breeds in the world with unsurpassed courage. “Doby” is also known for its dexterity. They can and will repel intruders, regardless of how fast they are.

Doberman pinscher / photo

Belgian Malinois

These dogs are known for their exceptional ability to recognize smells, which makes them ideal for tasks such as search and rescue operations. The police and military often use this breed because of its trainability, intelligence, energy and general “work ethic”.

Because of the external similarity with the more famous German shepherd, these breeds are often confused. In fact, many military and police dogs that we think of as German Shepherds are actually Belgian Malinois. They are very smart and trainable, very people-oriented (so you should not leave them alone for the whole day) and create very strong bonds with their family.

Belgian Malinois puppy / photo

Canary dog ​​(Presa Canario)

This breed comes from the Canary Islands. Affectionate and obedient when he rests with his owner, the Presa Canario becomes a completely different animal when he is threatened.

Representatives of this breed can be quite aggressive, so they are probably not the best choice for those looking for a cute pet. But this is exactly what makes them optimal for those who need a security guard, not a pet.

Canary dog ​​/ photo


Boxers are energetic, playful and fearless dogs. Despite their cheerful nature, they are extremely brave. Boxers are known for their fearlessness in the face of danger and protective instincts. They create strong bonds with their families and will fearlessly protect them in case of need.

Boxer / photo

Flemish Bouvier

A large and strong breed of dog, originally from Belgium and known for its exceptional abilities for cattle breeding. However, today they become devoted pets.

The Flemish Bouvier, which was used as a military dog ​​in its native Belgium, has a strong will, so it can be difficult to train. This same attribute makes them fierce defenders who will risk everything to protect their owners.

Flemish bouvier / photo

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