The Treviso teacher from the H-Farm school who praised Hitler on social media is fired

The Treviso teacher from the H-Farm school who praised Hitler on social media is fired

The teacher who hates Jews has resigned. And at H-Farm no one chained themselves to prevent it. This is more or less the meaning of the official communication sent by the private school of Roncade (Treviso), which about ten days ago found itself having to face the consequences of a reckless exit by the mathematics teacher of Lebanese origins.

Hanane Hammoud, commenting on the news coming from the Gaza Strip, had published a phrase in the stories of his Instagram profile that left no room for interpretation: “Go to hell, Hitler was right about you, Jews”. The content remained online for only a few minutes, the time needed for a student to read it and take a screenshot, divulging it via chat to classmates, parents and subsequently to other teachers. The network did the rest and the storm hit the corporate hub that became a school hub, from nursery school to university.

The school immediately took action and announced in a note that the teacher would be punished with a 10-day suspension, the longest period allowed by the regulations. But it’s no secret that H-Farm’s lawyers were working to study a way to fire the teacher. Having understood the situation, the teacher decided to remove the disturbance before the matter became even more complex to manage.

“Professor Hanane Hammoud has resigned and the school has accepted it”, communicates H-Farm. “What is shown in the screenshot is the furthest thing there is from the values ​​in which our school believes such as peace, inclusiveness , tolerance, recognition and respect for every culture and religion” the principal reiterated Conan De Wilde in a note. Even students and families immediately expressed their desire to remove her. He also intervened on the matter Riccardo Donadon, administrator of the private campus: “I am desolate. I strongly condemn the episode and hope that no one questions that such an action and thought could be shared by me and H-Farm.” The management tried to reconstruct what happened, obtaining full admission from the teacher, who said she was stressed by the news that continues to arrive from Gaza.


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