The US introduced new sanctions against the Russian Federation and foreign companies | In the world | Policy

The US introduced new sanctions against the Russian Federation and foreign companies |  In the world |  Policy


The US Department of Commerce has introduced new sanctions against Russia and foreign companies. This became known on Friday, February 23.

According to RIA Novosti, restrictive measures apply to 63 Russian companies, eight Chinese, 16 Turkish, four from the United Arab Emirates, two Kyrgyz, one organization from India and another from South Korea.

In total, Washington’s restrictions affected more than 90 organizations that specialize in foreign trade, supplies of electronics, industrial equipment and tourism. The NPR portal, citing United States Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo, indicated that the American administration intends to impose restrictive measures on third countries for cooperation with the Russian Federation.

US President Joe Biden confirmed earlier on the same day, February 23, that the country intends to introduce more than 500 restrictive measures against the Russian Federation, which, in particular, will be aimed at reducing Moscow’s income from energy resources. Export restrictions will also be introduced, which will affect about 100 organizations, the American leader indicated.

Meanwhile, the ambassadors of the EU member countries agreed on the next, 13th package of anti-Russian sanctions. Restrictive measures are made public after a written approval procedure.

The sanctions will affect almost 200 individuals and legal entities. In addition, North Korean Defense Minister Kang Sun-nam was subject to the restrictions imposed on Russia.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that Moscow will take retaliatory measures in connection with the next sanctions package from the EU. We are talking about expanding the list of representatives of European countries who are prohibited from entering the Russian Federation. This list includes, in particular, employees of companies, law enforcement agencies and European structures involved in providing assistance to Ukraine and creating a “tribunal” against the Russian authorities.


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