The war in Gaza has questioned the moral claims of the West

The war in Gaza has questioned the moral claims of the West

to report Jam Jam onlineIn an analysis entitled “Israel’s attack on Gaza exposes the holes in all the beliefs of liberal politicians”, this English publication called into question all the alleged values ​​that the West considers itself to be the leader in the world and the support of the leaders of the West for the crimes of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip. , It points to.

“Nasreen Malik”, an analyst of the Guardian newspaper, points out in this article: “Ker Starmer (the leader of the British Labor Party) and Joe Biden (the President of the United States) consider themselves to be in charge of maintaining stability. But their support for this bloody war has shown nothing but weakness.”

This analyst further emphasizes: “Something strange is happening. We are witnessing some kind of failure or failure. Liberal politicians who refuse to call for a cease-fire in Gaza or to stop supporting the Israeli offensive no longer make any sense, and increasingly look like they are in a crisis. Contradictory statements and confusing literature are becoming more and more popular among the figures of the ruling organizations of the West. When Kerr Starmer was asked by a reporter whether cutting off water and essential supplies to people were actions under international law, he replied on live radio that “Israel has that right!” Then his own party claimed that Starmer He didn’t say that at all! Even as Starmer said Labor would not unilaterally recognize Palestine, David Lammy, the party’s shadow foreign minister, told the Financial Times that Labor was considering doing so.

The Guardian newspaper analyst points out in the continuation of this article that the contradictions of Western politicians have never been more obvious than when they openly supported the actions of the Zionist regime and then expressed concern for the civilians in the Gaza Strip.

He went on to write: “Lisa Nandy, the international development minister in the shadow government of the British Labor Party, apparently supported the suspension of the funding of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), because the “accusations” against this organization were to some extent They are serious in asking for a “serious answer” to it. He also said he would “seek assurances” from the British prime minister that aid could also be delivered to Gaza. I had to read his statement several times to understand what he was looking for. Meanwhile, David Cameron (British Foreign Minister) said that he is “concerned” about the possibility that Israel has broken international laws, but this does not change Britain’s position of exporting arms to Israel. Get me out of this confusion!”

Nasreen Malik further cited an example of the contradiction in the words and actions of American government officials and wrote: “Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, said that the events of October 7th are not a license to “dehumanize” others, but his government made two decisions. “He used his right to bypass Congress and give more weapons to Israel.”

He further states: “This conflict shows an attempt to reconcile while having an irreconcilable position. Anyone trying to justify continued support for Israel’s actions in Gaza is simply faced with facts that are far too bleak; So instead of facing these bleak facts, politicians resort to contradictory and crazy explanations to avoid protesting these actions or demanding that something be done to address them. The result of this approach reaches the level of mental disorder, as when Nancy Pelosi (then Speaker of the US House of Representatives) told the C channel. it. He said that the protests in support of Palestine are “spontaneous, fundamental and sincere, but the demand for a ceasefire in Gaza means expressing the message of Mr. Vladimir Putin”. If this example is not enough, he also told pro-Palestinian protesters last year to return to China, because their “headquarters” are there.

Following the Al-Aqsa storm operation on the 7th of October (15th of October) by the Hamas movement, the Zionist regime launched a devastating war in Gaza. Today (Monday), on the one hundred and twenty-ninth day since the aggressive attack of the Zionist regime on Ghara, hundreds of citizens, including many children and women, were martyred and injured in the bombardment and intense attacks of the invaders that targeted different areas of Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip. .

These crimes occur while the state media office in Gaza announced on Sunday that the occupying army committed 2,438 murders and the number of martyrs and missing persons reached 35,176 since October 7.

The Gaza State Media Office also explained that the number of martyrs who were taken to hospitals reached 28,176 people, including 12,300 children, 8,400 women, 340 medical personnel, 46 civil defense personnel and 124 journalists. This institution noted that 7,000 people are missing, 70% of whom are children and women, 67,784 people are injured, and 11,000 injured must be taken out of Gaza for treatment.

The analyst of the Guardian newspaper further points out that the spokesmen of the Western governments talk about the developments in Gaza in a way as if one is hitting a shoe and the other is hitting a nail.

He wrote: “A few days ago, the spokesperson of the White House, in response to what message Joe Biden has for the American Arabs who are worried about Gaza, said that the American president is “sad” and believes that “Israel has the right to defend itself.” It seems that this sad Biden has completely given up and given up under the pressure of pretending that his country’s Middle East policy is fruitful or even coherent. He has admitted that the attacks on the Houthis (Ansarullah) are no longer effective. “Are they going to stop the Houthis? No. Are they going to continue operations? Yes,” he told reporters. That was at least an honest summation, and the same position Israel’s other allies have taken on the Gaza war. Do their actions work? no But they continue anyway; And that’s the problem.”

The author of this article went on to clarify that the positions of the Western allies of the Zionist regime regarding the Gaza war are not only incompatible with their alleged “liberal” principles, but also not compatible with security logic.

He wrote: “The Middle East is in its most unstable state in the last few decades, and this war has also caused more and more instability in the political life inside the countries, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom.”

The Guardian further emphasizes: “This strange inability to respond appropriately to Israeli aggression has more to do with the Gaza issue. The events there exposed the flaws in the whole of a political model and the hypotheses that support it. If liberalism cannot provide a moral and stabilizing form of governance, then what is the point? If, in the midst of such a historically bloody and disruptive war, liberalism shows no willingness or ability to protect civilian lives and regional security and its electoral prospects, then its claims to principle and competence collapse. If a less secure world is to be an acceptable price for demonstrating loyalty to allies, the West’s claim to authority and to be the political and military guardian of law and order is increasingly shaky.”


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