The “Weimar Triangle” made a statement in support of Ukraine

The “Weimar Triangle” made a statement in support of Ukraine

The foreign ministers of France, Germany and Poland intend to continue coordinating efforts in the format of the “Weimar Triangle” and hold an extended meeting of foreign ministers “Weimar + Ukraine” in the near future.

Source: joint statement based on the results of the “Weimar Triangle” meeting

Literally: “On the eve of the second anniversary of the Russian invasion, our meeting (the “Weimar Triangle” – ed.) takes place at a time when international relations are characterized by ambiguity, unpredictability, uncertainty and instability.”


“Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Against this background, our goal is to make the European Union more cohesive, stronger and able to respond to today’s security challenges, on the way to a security and defense union that meets the expectations of our citizens. We are also committed to a strong and united NATO”.

Details: The statement says that the next meeting of foreign ministers in this format will take place at the beginning of summer.

In addition, an extended meeting of the “Weimar Triangle” and Ukraine is planned.

Literally: “We also express our intention to hold an extended meeting of Weimar + Ukraine foreign ministers in the near future.”

Details: In addition, the statement added that “Russia is targeting us with hybrid actions, through disinformation, cyberattacks and political interference, to sow division in our democratic societies. It remains the most significant and direct threat to our security, as well as peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region”.

The “Weimar Triangle” also expressed “unshakable determination” in supporting Ukraine.

Literally: “Faced with an unprecedented deterioration of the security environment in Europe due to Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, we confirm our unwavering determination to support Ukraine in protecting its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity and in repelling Russian aggression.

European security interests are at stake in this war.

We will do everything possible to defeat Russia’s illegal aggression, and we will support Ukraine as long as necessary.”

“Russia cannot count on the fatigue of Europe, but must expect full responsibility for all illegal actions and crimes committed in Ukraine. All Russian perpetrators must be brought to justice.”

Details: In its statement, the “Weimar Triangle” called on the EU to adopt the 13th package of sanctions against Russia.

And also to the promotion of Ukraine to membership in the EU and NATO.

Literally: “We will continue to work together to help Ukraine move forward on its path to EU membership. We fully support Ukraine’s right to choose its own security mechanisms. Together, we will continue to support Ukraine’s progress in achieving interoperability and additional reforms in the security sector. Ukraine’s future is in NATO “.


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