The White House reacted to Trump’s statements about NATO

The White House reacted to Trump’s statements about NATO

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According to US National Security Council coordinator John Kirby, the Alliances and partnerships of the States must remain strong and ready for action due to the relevance of America’s national security interests as a global leader.

Source: Kirby’s comment on Donald Trump’s latest statements in the context of NATO, quoted by Ukrinform

Direct speech: “Under the current president, Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden, the NATO alliance is now stronger, stronger and bigger than ever before.”


“Certainly, NATO is at the forefront when it comes to the security environment on the European continent. And that’s what the American president should be doing – strengthening alliances and partnerships, and sending a message, particularly to NATO allies, about how seriously we take our obligations under Article Five.”

Details: In this connection, Kirby recalled that Biden has repeatedly confirmed the intention to “defend every inch” of the territory of the North Atlantic Alliance, if the need arises.

“This is what the commander-in-chief of the United States should be talking about when it comes to NATO,” the White House representative added.

He also noted that after the Trump presidency, the current administration has invested a lot of energy over the past three years to restore the strength of the alliance.

Then, at the beginning of 2021, many allies and partners “did not feel valued, did not feel respected, did not feel that the United States was ready to continue to lead on the world stage.”

However, according to him, the United States has now proven that it continues to play a leading role.


  • During a rally in South Carolina, Trump recalled how during his presidency he threatened to “encourage Russia” to attack one of the NATO members who do not fulfill their financial obligations to the Alliance.
  • European Council President Charles Michel called Trump’s words irresponsible.
  • The White House previously called Trump’s threats to encourage the Russian Federation to aggression against its allies “abnormal”.
  • Biden called the statements of Trump, who told how he threatened allies to “encourage” the Russian Federation to aggression in order to force them to increase contributions to collective security, “terrible and dangerous.”


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