there were praise, thanks and chicanas at the end of the legislative cycle

there were praise, thanks and chicanas at the end of the legislative cycle

The last session of the legislative period of the Unicameral of Cordoba was characterized this Wednesday by the unanimous approval of the declaration of José Gabriel Brochero as patron of the province, although at the end there was also a moment of review by the benches about the four legislative years. There were thanks and some chicanery between opponents and officials.

Vice Governor Manuel Calvo was in charge of closing the 2019-2023 legislative cycle with his speech, in which he highlighted innovation, the opening of the Legislature to the community and the approval of more than 260 laws.

He also highlighted that the objective of “strengthening institutional quality and improving the quality of laws was met, based on three main axes: innovation, transparency and citizen engagement.” Furthermore, he stressed that “advance was made in a virtuous process of political innovation and collective intelligence, leaving for the future administration a more technological, more transparent and more open Legislature.”

At the same time, Manuel Calvo valued: “The search for consensus characterized this legislative body, in order to provide a response and solution to the diversity of situations faced by citizens, always putting everyone’s well-being first.” “Beyond the political differences, criteria and thoughts, permanent dialogue prevailed. With each of the legislators because I am certain that this is the way to strengthen democracy,” he said.

Calvo, at the closing of sessions.

“For all this, I am encouraged to say that the results obtained are visible, and that they have achieved the objectives proposed since the first day of our administration,” added the outgoing deputy governor.

In advance, the ruling party members José Pihen, Nadia Fernández, Leonardo Limia and Francisco Fortuna, provisional president, took the floor to refer to the closing of this cycle, who was one of the most anticipated in his farewell words.

“We have argued passionately, even fanatically, but I highlight the work of the legislative power, we must consider it and never feel it as an institution isolated from the people because precisely when parliaments are closed, democracy is closed and totalitarian regimes come, dictatorships that We suffer,” Fortuna said.

“The opposition blocks have been able to express themselves, speak as many times as they wish, build a perspective, leave a mark,” he insisted. “If there were errors, please forgive me, we have made a great leap in quality, we have to continue. Important steps have been taken, especially in a pandemic situation that we have had to live through,” Fortuna stressed.

Juan Jure, Marisa Carrillo and Marcelo Cossar spoke on the Juntos UCR bench, who was the most critical of the ruling party. “I made it my duty from my bloc to accompany and raise the voice of the people, but with this overwhelming majority of the ruling party we were not able to debate our projects. “Ficha Cleana, the educational emergency, getting Apross to pay… access to public information were left in the drawers,” he said.

“I was not able to get one of the 17 ministers to come, they nullified the voice of the opposition, they lowered the institutional quality, they stopped listening to the people,” the radical leader complained.

Opposition legislators Cecilia Irazuzta, Luciana Echevarría and Noelia Agüero were also more critical of the ruling party. Encuentro Vecinal joined in the observations on the debates and institutional quality.

“We have brought proposals that fill me with satisfaction, but this Government in office does not stop adjusting and we are going to face this, there is an enslavement of rights, that is why this bank is one of those who are at the bottom and the fight continues,” he said. Echevarría, who will begin his second legislative period.

Orlando Arduh, who will join the Government in the administration of Martín Llaryora, thanked his colleagues on the benches and, without giving names of legislators, assured that some come to the legislative body to cleanse their image. It was one of the most tense moments in the closing, especially with the UCR bloc, a party that Arduh disaffiliated from.

“To be grateful for these 12 years as a legislator, also to say that I received attacks, hypocrisy, statements that one does not want to respond to… some have come to clear their names, to talk about ethics, about morals when they have criminal complaints, they are accused of bribery and embezzlement of funds…,” said Arduh, who will work in the Executive with the outgoing vice-governor, Calvo.

Mariana Caserio, president of the Peronist Identity bloc, also joined in the thanks; and Alberto Ambrosio, who gave one of the most emotional closings when saying goodbye to his legislative peers. He is one of the PRO leaders with chances of joining a position in the ruling party.


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