They alert modus operandi of assault in the middle of CDMX roads (Video)

They alert modus operandi of assault in the middle of CDMX roads (Video)

He Miguel Alemán Viaductone of the express routes of the Mexico Cityhas become a assault route due to the kilometer-long lines of vehicular traffic that turn the motorists easy prey for criminals.

After spreading the video of last week’s assault on the lower bridge of Viaduct and Cuauhtémoc Avenuein which they participated three cars and two motorcyclesusers of social networks and experts noted that similar ambushes occur not only where there are no camerasbut on all roads with kilometer lines of traffic.

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Francisco Rivasdirector of Citizen Security Observatory, emphasized that they are modus operandi known to the authorities.

“The authority should implement operations to deter gangs of robbers in the areas that are paralyzed and blocked and that are an excellent space for criminals who move on motorcycles and on foot and who have a car waiting for them on another street”considered.

“There is no intelligence exercise to take advantage of the resources we have and better position the state of force”critical.

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“It is important to think about operations to surprise crime, to generate quick reactions that inhibit robberies, not only to have a police officer on the underbridge, because it is not certain that they can defend the citizens, in fact, they would also be exposed.”

He Observatory warned that the traffic robberies They tend to be more frequent than Mondays to Wednesdaysof the 18:00 at 9:00 p.m.and on Fridays, particularly during the fortnight, starting at 2:00 p.m. and until the evening.

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