They made fake form 45, where will they get our signatures, thumbs, Usman Dar

They made fake form 45, where will they get our signatures, thumbs, Usman Dar

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Ex-politician Usman Dar claimed that the vote was stolen and said that they made fake form 45, where will these people get our signatures, thumbs.

Rehana Dar and her son Usman Dar have spoken to the media in the Lahore High Court.

Meanwhile, Usman Dar has said that he has come to the Lahore High Court to request that his notification be stopped. will

He further said that Khawaja Asif has lost 3 elections, this time also Khawaja Asif has lost from 354 polling stations, we have all Form 45, Khawaja Asif and his team have not made a single Form 45 public till date. We have presented all our forms 45 to everyone.

Usman Dar said that my mother is going to file a petition against him, my mother was winning by 50 thousand votes, she was defeated, I have left politics but I cannot leave my mother.

Usman Dar said that Nawaz Sharif had come to know that he had been defeated, an unmarried woman was not even allowed to campaign, the voters of Sialkot had been insulted.

He further said that Khawaja Saad Rafiq accepted his defeat, the right of the voters of Sialkot was robbed, hopefully the Election Commission will do justice.

On the other hand, Rehana Dar said that I was not allowed to go to the RO office and was pushed, I have won the election, Sialkot does not accept Khawaja Asif, I will not allow daka, the truth will win.


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