They offer $200,000 for information that helps find Argelia Johana

They offer $200,000 for information that helps find Argelia Johana


Juarez City.- The State Attorney General’s Office, through the Local Search Commission, offers a reward of 200 thousand pesos to anyone who provides useful and truthful information to locate Argelia Johana Zavala Rodríguez, 19 years old and mother of a two-year-old girl.

The young woman has been missing since October 11, 2023, so the investigating authorities request the support of the public to find her whereabouts.

The young mother of the family was last seen in the streets of the Riberas del Bravo subdivision, stage 7.

In their search, elements of the Absent and Missing Persons Unit of the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Attention to Women Victims of Crime for Gender Reasons and the Family (FEM) have carried out several operations, including a search carried out in that residential area, without the woman was located.

On January 2, 2024, a Control Judge granted a search warrant to the address located at 425 Riveras de Loreto streets on the corner of Rivera de Peñasco street in the Riberas del Bravo subdivision, stage seven.

However, after conducting a search of the property and the patio, no evidence of acts constituting a crime was found, prosecutor Wendy Chávez reported at the time.

The investigations into the woman’s absence have included the appearance of several people close to her, as well as friends and family.

Zavala Rodríguez, who appears on social networks under the name Johana Rodríguez, is 1.48 meters tall, weighs 40 kilograms, has a slim build and white complexion, and has short red hair.

Algeria Johana has several tattoos, several of them recent, one has the number 2004 on her neck and a heart on her left cheek. In addition to the legend “Made in Mexico”, she has an eagle, as well as a tattoo on her chest with the image of a rose.

Any information that may lead to the whereabouts of Argelia Johana Zavala Rodríguez, please contact 911 or 089 or the Northern Headquarters Commission numbers 656 629 3300, extensions 56923 and 56924.

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