This is how the rural youth Hohenfurch deals with the allegations

This is how the rural youth Hohenfurch deals with the allegations

The incidents at Lumpigen in Landsberg are a nationwide topic. The criticism continues, including on an Instagram post by the rural youth. Now the police are also investigating.

The incidents at the carnival parade on Ragged Thursday in Landsberg are now a nationwide issue. The video about the participation of the rural youth Hohenfurch can be seen on YouTube and many media reports about it. Members of the rural youth had been singing “Foreigners out” on their car and now not only have to face criticism, but also have to deal with the police. The Detective Fürstenfeldbruck and the public prosecutor’s office is investigating the initial suspicion of sedition. The insults from spectators against the Fridays for Future, who are taking part in the parade for the first time, are also making waves.

The police are still investigating the xenophobic chants, according to senior public prosecutor Andreas Dobler, press spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office augsburg, our editorial team says. “Until I have the case, I can’t give a statement.” The criminal police have meanwhile seized and evaluated the first evidence. Visitors to the carnival parade who were able to observe the above-mentioned incident and who can provide relevant information are asked to contact the Fürstenfeldbruck criminal police on 08141/612-0.

Rural youth Hohenfurch commented on the incident on Instagram

The day after the move, the chairman of the rural youth in Hohenfurch commented on the incident. Moritz Taufratshofer told our editorial team that he was not on the car and distanced himself from the incident. He said that this would be clarified and discussed in the group. He and some other members are now commenting on Instagram and on the homepage of the Bavarian Young Farmers Association. The mayor of the community, Guntram Voglsgesang, also writes there that he condemns racism and discrimination. “In Hohenfurch, almost six percent have foreign citizenship.” The people are well integrated. He and the chairman of the Schongauer Land rural youth district association, Marcel Reintsch, write, “Everyone is welcome in our clubs and in our community.”

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On the homepage there is an official statement from the Bavarian Young Farmers’ Association (BJB) on the incident in Landsberg, in which the car from Hohenfurch took part. Nobody can be reached in person at the moment, but you find out over the phone that you are “on vacation”. The following can be read: “The rural youth stands for democratic values, diversity and tolerance! The BJB does not tolerate xenophobic slogans being sung or shouted. This cannot be justified in any situation and will not be tolerated. Those responsible will be taken to task and must go along Expect consequences.” The BJB stands for an open society and strongly condemns ethnic and nationalist slogans.

The Bavarian Young Farmers’ Association also issued a statement

This was made unmistakably clear on Instagram at the end of 2023: “We are an open and diverse association. Misanthropy, hostility to democracy, hatred and agitation have no place in the Bavarian young farmers’ community. We are against all forms of extremism. We position ourselves against extremist and inhumane Slogans. Singing and shouting misanthropic sayings and slogans are incompatible with the mission statement of our association.” As a large youth association in rural areas, we want to encourage everyone to stand up for democracy, human rights and social justice and not give extremism a chance. The Bavarian Young Farmers’ Association (BJB) is a youth association that represents around 20,000 young people in the rural regions of Bavaria. The motivation: Preserve and create livable rural areas for teenagers and young adults. Volunteer extracurricular youth work makes an important contribution to this.

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There is a lot of criticism in the comments on these Instagram posts from the Landjugend Hohenfurch. Many people ask why this song could be sung at all and find no explanation in the statements of the rural youth. “Sorry, but words don’t mean anything. You should take action, draw conclusions with those affected (…) You won’t make up for what happened here in Landsberg on your car with portraits of members with their arms crossed “, it says, for example.

The rural youth have apologized to Licaria Landsberg several times

Thomas Bihler, spokesman for the Licaria carnival society, has been a frequent conversation partner with journalists reporting on the events in Landsberg in recent days. In an interview with our editorial team, he says that the chairman of the Landjugend Hohenfurch has sincerely apologized several times. “We accept the apology. The matter is over for us.” Bihler also knows that the Hohenfurchers have canceled all appointments with their carnival float.

Carnival in Landsberg: These are the impressions of the parade

Photo: Christian Rudnik

Thomas Bihler also takes a clear stance on any form of extremism. Someone who shouts such slogans (“foreigners out”) has never seen the inside of a refugee shelter or a tent city. “I can only recommend people like that to fly abroad.” They should look at the suffering on site and they would probably come back completely different. Thomas Bihler is chairman and co-founder of the Munich Airport Association. The non-profit organization helps people in need and is active abroad a lot. Last year, Bihler was in Turkey to help after the earthquake, and he was also active in Ukraine.

Rough Thursday in Landsberg: Were there insults against Fridays for Future?

In addition to the xenophobic slogans, there were verbal attacks against the people during the parade on Lumpigen Fridays for Future, who dressed up endangered animals and carried signs that read “Save us.” “We were not only laughed at, booed and insulted, but also confronted with homophobic statements,” wrote spokesman Liam Sauer in a press release. He also mentions that these were made, among other things, by a group led by a member of the board of the Junge Union Landsberg.

Our editorial team spoke to the person mentioned by Liam Sauer. She is no longer an active member of the Junge Union and denies the allegations. “Such statements would never come from my lips, not even on a day like Ragged Thursday,” says the person. When asked by our editorial team, Liam Sauer says that he cannot say with certainty whether the person made the personal statement. “There were comments from the group, but not all of them could be clearly assigned to one person.”

Liam Sauer is spokesman for Fridays for Future in Landsberg.

Photo: Thorsten Jordan (archive photo)

As Liam Sauer says, Fridays for Future expected that their topic would be rejected, but the homophobic comments, such as “faggot”, took them by surprise. Finally, other groups also took part in the parade with a political message. Licaria was unaware of the insults, says Thomas Bihler, who strongly condemns the statements. “We would have intervened immediately,” he assures.


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