Tianjin “Must Be Pampered” public welfare market opens to promote civilized pet raising and care for stray animals

Tianjin “Must Be Pampered” public welfare market opens to promote civilized pet raising and care for stray animals

  Tianjin Northern Network News:Caring for cute pets and walking with love. Recently, Pizza Hut and the Beijing Love It Animal Protection Charity Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “It Fund”) joined hands again to continue to participate in public welfare undertakings after jointly carrying out an action to care for stray animals last year, extending a “round hand” to care for stray animals, and starting a “round hand” of care for stray animals. “Must Be Pampered” public welfare market actively promotes care for stray animals, civilized pet raising, and winter pet raising knowledge.

At present, a number of “Piss Hakka Cute” pet-friendly themed restaurants have been opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and other cities, and pet-friendly facilities such as pet tags and pet-friendly seats have been set up outside the stores to allow consumers to You can bring your pet to the restaurant and enjoy the delicious food with your pet by your side. We call on more animal lovers to pay attention to the charity of stray animal protection and pass the baton of love to more people.

Here, pet lovers can carry out “adopt instead of purchase” offline adoption and cloud adoption activities; there is also an offline adoption market for stray animals and publicity lectures on caring for stray animals, providing animal lovers with information sharing on love and mutual help. , allowing them to pay more timely attention to the news of stray animals and help more stray animals find warm homes.

In Tianjin, the “Public Welfare Market” event invited the Heping District Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee Office and the Tianjin Small Animal Diagnosis and Treatment Industry Association to jointly promote civilized pet raising, care for stray animals, and adoption instead of purchase, and guide citizens to care for pets.

Liu Hongxing, vice president of the Tianjin Small Animal Diagnosis and Treatment Industry Association, said: All walks of life in Tianjin have widely carried out the “Strive to Be Civilized and Courteous Tianjin People” campaign to raise pets in a civilized manner to make the city more civilized. As a well-known enterprise, Pizza Hut can actively participate in public welfare undertakings and promote civility through Raising pets and caring for stray animals affects more pet lovers and families, draws society’s attention to stray animals, and contributes to the construction of social civilization.

Through the comprehensive upgrade of animal-friendly restaurants, on the one hand, it can attract more pet-loving people to the store, and drive mutual contact through stray animals as a link. On the other hand, Pizza Hut uses the resource advantages of its own brand to arouse the public’s awareness of stray animals. Pay attention to and care for animals, advocate more people to respect life, and spread warmth and love with those who care for animals.

In the future, Pizza Hut also looks forward to continuing to work with its foundation to deliver more stray animal care concepts to the public. Pizza Hut hopes to embody the loving brand spirit by focusing on young people and family groups, continue to break through the pet economy, create a “catering + cute pets” composite social experience space, and also contribute to public welfare. “Reach out a round hand” to stray animals, but the care doesn’t stop there. Pizza Hut will also explore more public welfare themes, integrate resource advantages, actively give back to society, and share win-win results with society.


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