Tips for drivers: the police talked about seat belts

Tips for drivers: the police talked about seat belts

Using a seat belt reduces the risk of a driver’s death in a head-on collision by 2.3 times. Photo:

The patrol police reminded about the mandatory use of safety belts.

Using a seat belt reduces the risk of a driver’s death in a head-on collision by 2.3 times, in a side collision – by 1.8 times, and in the event of a car overturning – by five times, law enforcement officials report.

“The sanction of the article “Violation of the rules for using seat belts or motorcycle helmets” provides for a fine of 510 hryvnias. But is your life worth these funds?”, they write.

The police told about ten myths about seat belts.

Myth #1: seat belts may not be used at low speeds.

The truth: a driver who is not wearing a seatbelt during a head-on collision has a high chance of breaking the glass with his head and in nine out of 10 cases will die.

Myth #2: the belt prevents getting out of a burning or sinking car.

Modern belts are removed with one click. The greatest danger is precisely the impact that precedes a fire or falling into water.

Myth #3: safety belts are not necessary when traveling short distances.

According to statistics, 75% of driver deaths occur within 40 kilometers of his home.

Myth #4: a buckled adult can hold a child in his arms.

Even during a collision at a speed of 30 km/h, a force of 135 kg will act on your baby weighing seven kilograms. It is impossible to maintain such a weight.

Myth #5: it is inconvenient to use a seat belt.

You can get used to the belt by using it regularly. In this case, an unbelted person will feel discomfort when the belt is not fastened.

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Myth #6: the safest place in the car is behind the driver.

This place in the car only seems safer. A passenger who is not buckled up in the back seat risks being thrown out of the car in the event of a head-on collision, as well as injuring other passengers or the driver. In 75% of cases, people die when thrown from a car.

Myth #7: in case of an accident, it is better to be thrown out of the car.

Undoubtedly, statistics show that a passenger who was outside the cabin during an accident has a chance to save his life. One out of 100. The biggest danger during an accident is hitting parts of the cabin.

Myth #8: if the car has airbags, then belts are not needed.

When the pillow is opened, it moves towards the person at a speed of 300 km/h. And this is the punch of a heavyweight boxer. The seat belt does not collide with the pillow so quickly. Yes, a pillow was developed to work together with seat belts, not instead of them.

Myth #9: the safety belt can injure a person in the event of an accident.

The belt can cause burns or break the collarbone and injure the cervical spine, because during sharp braking the body moves forward due to inertia. However, these injuries are nothing compared to the injuries that await passengers and drivers without seat belts.

Myth #10: passengers sitting on the back seat are not required to buckle up.

This is extremely dangerous not only for the passengers themselves, because even a child thrown out of the back seat can kill the driver. Also, do not forget about turning the car over – there is no alternative here.

“Take care of yourself,” the patrol police say.


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