“To the trash heap!” People are outraged by Sorokin and Ulitskaya for providing financial support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine | Person | Culture

“To the trash heap!”  People are outraged by Sorokin and Ulitskaya for providing financial support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine |  Person |  Culture

A newly published collection with autographs was sold at auction in Vilnius Viktor Erofeev, Vladimir Sorokin and Lyudmila Ulitskaya. The collected 5 million rubles were sent to the needs of Ukrainian units.

This was announced by the gallery owner, art manager and ex-director of the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art Marat Gelman*.

“Friends, on the eve of the auction, a few words,” Gelman recorded the video. — Our lot is the Slovonovo publication. 50 leading writers, Russian writers. The last, perhaps, pre-war works of these writers. And the books are signed by three great people: Vladimir Sorokin, Viktor Erofeev, Lyudmila Ulitskaya. I think this is a very valuable thing. I want to say that just this morning I met with the Legion… and I hope that our money will help them – I don’t know, survive the winter, for example, in warmth, in something else. Thanks a lot”.

Gelman has citizenship of Russia, Moldova and Israel. Since 2014 he has lived in Montenegro, even before the start of the SVO he was included by the Ministry of Justice in the register of foreign agents, and at the end of 2022 he was put on the wanted list by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to information from open sources, on November 7, 2023, he visited the territory of Ukraine and met with soldiers from the Russian Freedom Legion**.

“The man who broke away from the soil”

Viktor Erofeev, who through the efforts of Marat Gelman was ranked among the 50 leading Russian writers, said at the auction: “I am happy that not one of the authors of this almanac and not one of the participants in our forum supports all this horror… We are all on the side, that means , Ukraine in this war, we are all on the side of Israel in that war, we… ahh… feel some… that having been cut off from the soil, from this vast territory, maybe we get… Russian culture , Russian-speaking, we get some additional impulse. That is, today we may even be the freest people in the cultural sense.”

I would like to believe that the true leading writers of Russia are not so tongue-tied and know how to speak correctly and beautifully.

Back in 2009, a group of Russians turned to the prosecutor’s office with a request to check the text of Yerofeyev’s book “Encyclopedia of the Russian Soul” for the presence of elements of extremism and incitement of national hatred. In the book, for example, there is this: “Russians must be beaten with a stick. Russians should be shot. The Russians must be smeared across the wall. Otherwise they will cease to be Russian. Russians are a shameful nation.” It is surprising that after this the man lived in Russia for several more years (since 1992, having an apartment in Berlin) and published his, so to speak, works.

In 2022, Erofeev condemned the SVO, left for Berlin and announced that he had decided not to return. This is perhaps his best decision.

“Why haven’t these creatures disappeared yet?”

I wonder who else is on the list of 50 leading Russian writers? And this is Erofeev’s wife Catherine And Dmitry Bykov*, Boris Grebenshchikov* and Andrey Makarevich*, Seva Novgorodtsev and Ivan Vyrypaev, Andrey Orlov* (Orlusha) and Boris Akunin…

Back in November 2019, in an interview with the Ukrainian publication Obozrevatel, the poet Orlusha admitted that he transferred money to the Ukrainian Armed Forces fighting in the Donbass.

Director Vyrypaev On March 8, 2022, he sent an open letter to 40 Russian state theaters that stage his plays to say that now the author’s royalties for performances will be transferred to aid funds for Ukraine. In May of the same year, he announced that he was renouncing Russian citizenship and became a citizen of Poland. On April 27, 2023, Vyrypaev was arrested in absentia by the Bassmanny District Court of Moscow for disseminating false information about the Russian army. After which the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs put the director on the federal wanted list.

Akunin, who opposed the SVO, has been living in Europe since 2014.

Bykov has been included in the register of foreign agents since July 2022 and is now basking in the rays of his former glory overseas.

Now these Russophobes are the official sponsors of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Something else is strange: “Why aren’t they all still foreign agents?” – Internet users are outraged. And they add: “It’s high time to open criminal cases against such monsters,” “Why haven’t all these creatures disappeared yet?” The main thing: “Why do Russian publishing houses still publish their works, and theaters stage performances based on them?”

“I took Akunina and Ulitskaya to the trash heap”

“It is necessary to convey information about foreign agents to printing houses and bookstore directors. Violate, distribute – a fine, an article,” they write on the Internet.

Elen: “And who protects them? This is why our best men fight and die??”

Jul Sheld: “I took Akunin and Ulitskaya to the trash heap.”

Igor1969A: “In my youth (fool) I read Erofeev, Sorokin… So much dirt in myself… I regret it. Wasted time and perception.”

Svetlana: “Forgot to add: “great” Russians…”

Lenok: “You shouldn’t be on the list for something like that. And to court, with all that it entails.”

Evgeny Z: “I propose to continue printing their books, but on toilet paper and in rolls.”

Olga Titova: “Enemies”.

Olga Bulgakova: “50 leading Russian writers”, Bilzho, Bykov, Ulitskaya, Rubinstein, Akunin… and further down the list, all Russians.”

Sergei Kuznetsov: “Print their books, but not give them a penny from these books.”

Evgenia Rodionova: “Wherever you spit, you’ll end up in Ulitskaya, which, by the way, has been completely written out lately—it’s awkward to read.”

Lyudmila: “They have such disgusting works. And it was just mainstream. That’s how they fed us crap.”

User Northern Nile expressed his opinion about the fugitives in poetic form. That’s how it hurt!

“The defectors teach us
What to love and what to hate.
They teach the truths about Donbass,
Sitting in screen interiors.
They teach the truths about war,
And about this one, and about others.
About history, about the country.
And about us: they say, so and so.
Soldiers’ monuments are being demolished
Defectors behind the cordon.
The stone groans with a silent groan.
The defector is shiny. Glad.
But he’s also cowardly, of course, trembling:
What if they get it? Will they find it? Will they dig it?
This is how he loves to live.
Passion does not want to fall as a hero.
In this he, the defector, is right.
We’ll get everyone, don’t doubt it.
Pay all your bills.
After ten years. In twenty.
Or earlier. Time will decide.
Everyone will meet their fate.
Look, frolic like you’re at a banquet.
Everyone hurry up. We’re in no hurry.
Emit stinking smoke
Get out of the stench of the grave,
Hang it on your butts
Order of Vlasov, Himmler Prize.
We are saving the house today.
Not up to you, not up to any rot.
But don’t think you’ve forgotten.
The counter clicks. Wait. We’ll come.”

* Recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a foreign agent.

** Recognized as a terrorist organization by decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation


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