Today’s Almanac February 12: the day Charles Darwin was born

Today’s Almanac February 12: the day Charles Darwin was born

Charles Darwin — who changed the history of science with his theory of evolution — was born on February 12, 1809. The British biologist was also a great gourmet. He loved to “taste” every new species he discovered (in his travels he ate everything). But when he was at home in England, his wife Emma decided on the menu. Mrs Darwin certainly set elegant tables – she was born Wedgwood – and she left a rich collection of recipes, many sweet, which her husband liked a lot. There is also one for a “Macedoine Jelly”, a fruit salad in jelly. But why is fruit salad called “fruit salad”? The term also exists in French, where it means more or less the same thing: a chopped salad. Perhaps, Treccani claims, the word derives “from the name of the region, with allusion to the mixture of its peoples”. On 12 February 2019, under the Prespa Agreement, the Republic of Macedonia adopted the new name of North Macedonia. Thus ended a very long dispute with Greece.

Born of the day

Francis II of Habsburg-Lorraine12 February 1768, emperor

Abraham Lincoln, February 12, 1809, American politician and lawyer

Charles Darwin12 February 1809, British biologist, naturalist, geologist and explorer

George Meredith, 12 February 1828, English writer

Lou von Salome, 12 February 1861, German writer, psychoanalyst, biographer and memoirist

Elli Michler, 12 February 1923, German poet

Franco Zeffirelli12 February 1923, director, screenwriter and set designer

Victor Emmanuel of Savoy12 February 1937, pretender to the throne

Claudia MoriFebruary 12, 1944, singer, actress and record producer

Rosy BindiFebruary 12, 1951, politics

Fabiana DadoneFebruary 12, 1984, politics

Deaths of the day

Immanuel Kant, 12 February 1804, German philosopher

Auguste Escoffier12 February 1935, French chef

Elio VittoriniFebruary 12, 1966, writer, translator and literary critic

Vittorio Bachelet, 12 February 1980, jurist and politician

Julio Cortázar, February 12, 1984, Argentine naturalized French writer, poet, literary critic and essayist

Charles M. SchulzFebruary 12, 2000, American cartoonist

Tiberio Mitri, February 12, 2001, boxer and actor

Al JarreauFebruary 12, 2017, American singer

Saint of the day

Saints Saturninus and companions, martyrs. In 304 in Carthage, Saturninus and other faithful were arrested and tortured for having participated in a Sunday Mass. Having refused to renounce their religion, they died in prison.


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