Today’s almanac Tuesday 13 February: best wishes to Maltus, famous for his Essay on the principle of population

Today’s almanac Tuesday 13 February: best wishes to Maltus, famous for his Essay on the principle of population

It happened today

He was born on February 13, 1766 Thomas Robert Malthus. The English reverend and economist remained famous for his Essay on the Principle of Population, in which he stated his idea on population growth. According to him, essentially, the Earth’s inhabitants tend to increase much faster than the resources needed to feed them. Therefore, by extension, any “theory that attributes the cause of poverty to the asymmetry between population growth and development of means of subsistence, and proposes forms of demographic control” (Treccani’s words) is known as “Malthusianism”. The fascist government really didn’t believe it, and on 13 February 1927 it introduced the celibacy tax. Men between 25 and 65 years old, with some exceptions – such as priests – if they were not married had to pay a tax, the proceeds of which were donated to the National Motherhood and Childhood Association. The objective was to increase the birth rate, to pursue Mussolini’s objectives of national greatness. It didn’t work. ©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (by Luigi Gaetani)

Born of the day

Thomas Robert Malthus13 February 1766, English economist, philosopher, Protestant pastor and demographer

Georges Simenon, 13 February 1903, Belgian writer

Peter Gabriel, 13 February 1950, British singer, songwriter and record producer

Livia Turco, 13 February 1955, politics

Liam Brady, 13 February 1956, Irish sports manager, football coach and former footballer

Pierluigi Collina, 13 February 1960, former football referee

Rocco Tanica, 13 February 1964, keyboardist, composer, comedian and television writer

Robbie Williams, 13 February 1974, British singer-songwriter and showman

Mena Suvari, February 13, 1979, American actress and model

Jacopo Tissi, 13 February 1995, dancer

Deaths of the day

Isabella d’Este, 13 February 1539, nobleman, patron and art collector

Welcome Cellini13 February 1571, sculptor, goldsmith and writer

Jacopo Bassano, 13 February 1592, painter

Richard Wagner, 13 February 1883, German composer, poet, theater director, conductor and essayist

Saint of the day

Blessed Jordan of Saxony, German religious man. He studied theology at the University of Paris, where he graduated and met Saint Dominic. The thoughts of Reginald of Orléans had a great impact on Giordano, who decided to take the Dominican habit. In 1222, at the age of 22, he succeeded Saint Dominic at the head of the Order of Preachers. He died in 1237: the ship that was supposed to bring him back to Italy after a long pilgrimage to the Holy Land was shipwrecked.


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