Today’s almanac Tuesday 21 November, births, deaths and saint of the day

Today’s almanac Tuesday 21 November, births, deaths and saint of the day

It happened today

On November 21, 1975, an album was released that is today considered a milestone in pop-rock. One of the tracks quotes a famous scientist and inventor: «Galileo, Galileo». It was Queen’s fourth studio album. A Night at the Opera. It will be a triumph, thanks to a style that played “eclectically” with different genres. It contained a couple of hits in particular: Love of my life And Bohemian Rhapsody. The lyrics of the latter are an enigma that still fascinates fans. He wanted to use a Queen song — specifically, Another one bites the dust — even Sylvester Stallone for his Rocky III. In the end he was unable to acquire the rights and fell back on Survivor, which they wrote specifically for the film Eye of the tiger (which will prove to be a huge success). The first chapter of the Balboa boxer saga was released in New York theaters on November 21, 1976. From a budget of less than a million dollars it earned over two hundred, becoming an authentic social phenomenon and launching Stallone’s career (also author of the screenplay). (by Luigi Gaetani)

Saint of the day

Franciszka, also known as Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd, Polish nun. Born in 1842 into a family of wealthy nobles, at the age of 31 she consecrated herself and presented a petition to Pope Pius IX to found a religious congregation, which later took the name of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Family. She died in 1902 in Rome following the numerous hardships linked to continuous travel and travel.

Born of the day

Voltaire, 21 November 1694, French philosopher, playwright, writer and historian

Friedrich Schleiermacher21 November 1768, German philosopher and theologian

Pope Benedict XV21 November 1854, 258th bishop of Rome

René Magritte, 21 November 1898, Belgian painter

Luciano Barca21 November 1920, journalist, writer, partisan and politician

Christopher John Reuel Tolkien, 21 November 1924, British writer

Goldie Hawn, November 21, 1945, American actress, director and singer

Ignazio Visco, 21 November 1949, economist and banker

Bjork, 21 November 1965, Icelandic singer-songwriter, composer, record producer, actress and activist

Lorenzo Guerini, 21 November 1966, politician

Inés SastreNovember 21, 1973, former Spanish model and actress

Fausto Zanardelli, 21 November 1981, singer, member of the musical duo Coma Cose

Rocco Hunt, November 21, 1994, singer

Deaths of the day

Heinrich von Kleist21 November 1811, German playwright, poet and writer

Lacordaire21 November 1861, French religious, journalist and politician

Franz Joseph I of Austria21 November 1916, Austrian sovereign

Quentin Crisp21 November 1999, British writer, model and actor

Emil Zátopek, 21 November 2000, Czechoslovakian middle-distance runner and marathon runner


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