Today’s almanac Wednesday 3 April: saint, births and deaths of the day

Today’s almanac Wednesday 3 April: saint, births and deaths of the day

It happened today

Happy 90th birthday to Dame Jane Morris Goodall, British ethologist and anthropologist, leading world expert on chimpanzees and UN “messenger of peace”. In her early twenties she arrived in Tanzania – in what is now the Gombe park – and began her pioneering studies on the species closest to us humans, to the defense of which she dedicated her whole life. For this reason you founded an institute with offices in various countries around the world, including ours (the Jane Goodall Institute Italy). The one who had an interest in primates was Marlon Brando, who once met Goodall (there is a photo of them together). It seems that the star of Apocalypse Now And The Mutineers on the Bounty voless to transform his Tetiaroa atoll into a monkey sanctuary, a project that was never realized — a luxury resort, “The Brando,” has been open on the island since 2014. Today the actor would be 100 years old: born in Nebraska on April 3, 1924, he achieved fame in 1951 thanks to Elia Kazan, who directed him in A tram called desire. (by Luigi Gaetani)

Saint of the day

Saint Richard of Chichester, British bishop. Born in the English town of Droitwich Spa in 1197, he studied first at Oxford University and then in Paris and Bologna, where he concentrated on canon law and rejected a marriage proposal. He was appointed rector of Oxford University and chancellor of the diocese of Canterbury. In 1242, at the age of 45, he became a priest and two years later, following a long negotiation, he was elected bishop of Chichester. He fought for the dignified celebration of the Mass and for celibacy among the clergy. He died on 3 April 1253 in Dover during the construction of a church in honor of his master Edmund Rich.

Born of the day

Alcide De Gasperi, 3 April 1881, politician, patriot and anti-fascist 0

Doris Day, April 3, 1922, American actress and singer

Marlon Brando, April 3, 1924, American actor, director and screenwriter

Jane Goodall, 3 April 1934, British ethologist, anthropologist and writer /

Catherine Spaak, 3 April 1945, Belgian actress, singer and television presenter

Tiziano Sclavi, 3 April 1953, writer and cartoonist

Miguel Bosé, 3 April 1956, Spanish singer-songwriter and actor

Alec Baldwin, April 3, 1958, American actor and activist

Francesca WoodmanApril 3, 1958, American photographer

Eddie Murphy, April 3, 1961, American actor and comedian

Leona Lewis, 3 April 1985, British singer-songwriter and actress

Deaths of the day

Cesare Mattei3 April 1896, politician, man of letters and inventor

Johannes Brahms, 3 April 1897, German composer and conductor

Graham Greene, 3 April 1991, British writer and playwright

Maurizio Mosca, 3 April 2010, journalist, television host and commentator

Cesare Maldini, 3 April 2016, former footballer and coach


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