“Ton Khao RSiam” is afraid of the risk of bipolar disorder and suffers from mood swings after stepping into an acting career.

“Ton Khao RSiam” is afraid of the risk of bipolar disorder and suffers from mood swings after stepping into an acting career.


Played the role of Duean Ngam in the drama The Golden Jar Heir on Channel 8 It made people irritated all over the country. Begging for durian peels in every scene For mini size girls “Ton Khao RSiam” Which she was able to make fans of the drama trust her closely with another role of being a full-fledged actress And there is no doubt that She is truly the character of Duen Ngam, but who would have known that Ton Kao would go through such a challenging role? She was stressed and did a lot of homework. To the point of saying This drama It may cause her to see a doctor and become bipolar.

Tonkhao RSiam Revealed: “First of all, I would like to ask for permission to use this space. Thank you to the adults of Channel 8, thank you to the organizers, thank you to everyone involved who offered the opportunity. Let Khao take on this role of Duean Ngam. At first, I admit that I was very stressed. I remember Cast Day. Play until we die, we can’t cry. Which made us have to go back and do our homework very hard and prepare very hard for this role. And then when actually filming Become an inner Everything comes out by itself without us having to try. Part of that is probably because all the actors and actresses conveyed emotion to Khao very well, especially Mae Noi, where we often had scenes where we had to quarrel and argue. Little Mother sent us so much emotion. Makes rice cry on its own. And cry non-stop Moreover, we are people who are very into family. We have a grandmother that we love and are very close to in real life. So it gets us into it.

“And this is about being inside. It almost makes us stressed without realizing it. To the point of being bipolar. Because the example of filming in one day We have to cry now. I’ll be happy soon. You’ll have to scream to explode with emotion. Going back and forth like this for months, we talk to ourselves that After a while, I’ll have to see a doctor. Because we feel like we can’t get rid of our emotions. But when the drama aired Every effort was worth it. Because everyone likes it, everyone looks into this character. Some comments go so far as to say Hire someone to slap Duen Ngam for 500. Want to tell everyone that This is just the beginning, but seeing bad things like this is a beautiful month. Maybe it’s a character who turns around and makes everyone feel sorry for and love without realizing it. But with what event? You must watch it in the drama Golden Hai Heir, broadcast every Monday – Thursday at 6:00 p.m. on Channel 8, press number 27. You can watch reruns in the first place only at TrueID.”

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