Too much. The doctor explained which foods contain more sugar than it seems | Proper nutrition | Health

Too much.  The doctor explained which foods contain more sugar than it seems |  Proper nutrition |  Health

Sugar today is hardly ever viewed with a negative slant. He is accused of many sins – a bad effect on the skin, teeth, even the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, many, starting Healthy lifestyle, first of all, remove sugar from the diet. In fact, you need to look at your diet more broadly, since many foods contain more sugar than they seem. Which ones exactly, told endocrinologist of the clinical diagnostic center “Medincenter” (branch of GlavUpDK under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia) Elena Gubkina.

In an effort to live a healthy lifestyle, many of us add foods that are considered healthy to our daily diet. However, some of them may contain hidden sugar in large quantities, which can negatively affect the functioning of the body.

So, the source of hidden sugar is ready-made breakfasts: cereals, instant porridge or muesli. As a replacement for these products, it is recommended to use whole grain porridge with dried fruits.

Fruit yoghurts with additives are considered healthy, but one jar of such a dessert can contain up to 4 teaspoons of sugar. It’s healthier to buy natural yoghurts and add nuts, dried fruits, and berries to them yourself.

Fruit juices and smoothies also contain a lot of sugar. Despite the fact that drinks are made from natural fruits, most of the fiber is lost during processing, so manufacturers have to use sugar to preserve the taste of the product for a longer period. As an alternative, it is recommended to eat fresh fruit or low fructose vegetable juices.

A lot of sugar is also found in low-fat dairy products, where carbohydrates are used as a flavoring agent. It is better to add dairy products with a small percentage of fat to your food.

Dried fruits are a good source of vitamins and minerals, but the drying process increases the concentration of sugar, making them very high in calories. Fresh fruits or berries are a useful alternative.

To monitor sugar levels in your diet, you need to read food labels carefully and choose options that are low in added carbohydrates.


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