Turetta, first night in prison. The victim’s sister: “Filippo told Giulia to stop with the exams”

Turetta, first night in prison.  The victim’s sister: “Filippo told Giulia to stop with the exams”

VIGONOVO (VENICE) – Filippo Turetta, 22, spent his first night in a cell in Halle prison, Germany, accused of the femicide of Giulia Cecchettin. Yesterday, before the judge, he answered “yes” to the question if he wants to be handed over to Italy. Delivery times will need to be understood now. “It could take about fifteen days to bring him to Italy – explains his lawyer Emanuele Compagno –”. But the times, observed the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio, “in these cases are rapid”.

“Teach your children that loving does not mean possessing”

Meanwhile, her sister Elena intervenes in Giulia’s murder. «There is a parental responsibility that should not be underestimated – she says to Storie Italiane – try to educate your children about affectivity and sexuality, without being afraid or ashamed of tackling certain topics». «Teach your children to be fragile she-she said she-she that loving does not mean possessing, that a “No” can be a reason for growth». «I think – she adds – that if Filippo Turetta had considered that the breakup could be an opportunity for growth, all this would not have happened. Help prevent them by educating them, be an outlet for your children too, don’t be afraid to talk about psychotherapy”, she underlined. Then Elena revealed: «In February-March, Filippo said to Giulia “stop with the exams because otherwise we can’t graduate together”. The signs aren’t always clear, it’s not right but we need to look ‘beyond’ and look for evil in these things too.”

Extradition in a few weeks

In the next few hours – and in any case within two days at most – the Naumburg court will set the next steps. The head of the Farnesina Antonio Tajani underlined that thanks to the European arrest procedure the boy “can be entrusted in a few days to the police and the Italian justice system to undergo a fair trial”. The technical times foreseen by the procedures are generally a few weeks. Italy has already completed the translation into German of the international arrest warrant and sent it to the German authorities. When everything is ready, a team from the Italian judicial police will go to Germany to take delivery of the 22-year-old to transfer him to Italy and make him available to the judicial authorities. The magistrates have several questions to ask the young man, to define the details that are still missing and above all to evaluate whether or not there was premeditation.
“He is exhausted, tired, devastated by the situation,” says the lawyer Compagno. That he says he knows nothing, at the moment, about what Turetta did during the seven days and thousand kilometers of escape, after killing her ex-girlfriend and hiding her in a gully. Part of the investigation will also serve to understand whether anyone helped him in this escape. Which ended on Saturday evening, around 10pm, on an emergency lane of the A9 motorway towards Munich. Without petrol, without more money.

Solidarity with the family and the demonstration against violence

In Vigonovo, meanwhile, the house where Giulia lived is overwhelmed by flowers and letters. Giulia’s father published an old exchange of messages with his daughter on social media: “I hope I haven’t woken you up, I went to take the bus to go to breakfast with my friends”, she wrote, adding: “I want you Well”. Words to which the father replied: “Thank you love, me too.”
Last night thousands marched through the streets of the town. A torchlight procession for the student, who should have graduated last Thursday. At the end of the march, sister Elena said: “Don’t hold a minute’s silence for Giulia, but burn everything and I say this in an ideal sense, to ensure that Giulia’s case is finally the last, now we need some sort of cultural revolution. In front of the cameras of Rete 4 he added that Filippo “is not a monster”, but “a healthy son of the patriarchal society which is full of rape culture. Rape culture is that set of actions which are aimed at limiting a woman’s freedom, such as controlling a phone, being possessive. Not all men are bad, I am often told. Yes, it’s true. But in these cases there are always men, who still benefit from this type of society. Therefore all men must be careful. Femicide is not a crime of passion, it is a crime of power, it is a state murder because the State does not protect us and does not protect us. We must therefore provide sexual and emotional education in a way that prevent these events. We need to finance anti-violence centers so that there are answers”, said Elena Cecchettin.
Giulia’s fellow students will remember the girl between 10 and 10.30 on the campus of the Engineering department in via Gradenigo in Padua. Today, at the beginning of each lesson, university teachers are invited to observe a minute’s silence. The lessons at the Information Engineering department, at the suggestion of the director Gaudenzio Meneghesso, will be introduced by a minute of silence with the projection of a message. Instead, tonight, at 7.30 pm at Porta Portello, also in Padua, there will be a demonstration “against patriarchal, gender and transphobic violence”. “I’m waiting for many of you,” Elena writes.


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