Turetta was charged with kidnapping and aggravated murder

Turetta was charged with kidnapping and aggravated murder

The discovery of Giulia Cecchettin’s body changes the facts: Filippo Turetta must answer for voluntary homicide aggravated by the bond of affection and kidnapping and the arrest of the 22-year-old in Germany – on a European warrant by the German police – “has then put a firm point in the investigation. The Venice prosecutor’s office outlines, in a note signed by the chief prosecutor Bruno Cerchi, what the next steps will be.

The position of Filippo Turetta

“The necessary procedural activities for the surrender of the suspect are underway which must also take into account the procedural rules of the Federal Republic of Germany and therefore the methods and times established therein”. After consent to surrender, the boy could be transferred to an Italian prison as early as this week.
In the meantime, “it should be noted that the unrepeatable investigations”, which provide for the necessary participation of the suspect “will be, in part, marked by the times derived from the rogatory documents which are being prepared”. Among the unrepeatable investigations there is also the autopsy on Giulia’s body.

For the Venice prosecutor Bruno Cherchi we must “avoid indicating responsibilities before they are ascertained” as part of the investigation into the murder of Giulia Cecchettin. «Only following the outcome of the technical consultations – writes the prosecutor – and further investigations will it be possible to better clarify the development of the facts and therefore the more precise legal framework» which “provisionally” is that of kidnapping and aggravated murder against Filippo Turetta.

How much wing premeditation“we still have to evaluate the facts and this can only be done after unrepeatable investigations”, claims the Venice prosecutor. The autopsy on the student’s body “it will only be done when the parties are notified” and the times could be a little longer than expected given that the boy is detained in Halle

In jail

The opinion of the Oberlandesgericht of Naumburg, the Higher Regional Court, is expected in the next few hours, or during the course of tomorrow, regarding the extraction of Filippo Turetta, arrested on Saturday evening by the German police while he was on the A9 motorway near Leipzig in Germany after an escape of approximately one thousand kilometres. Turetta spent the first night in Halle prison (Saale) and is assisted by the German lawyer Dimitar Krassa with an office in Maybachstrasse.

During yesterday’s hearing to validate the arrest on a European warrant, Turetta said he was in favor of extradition to Italy. The times should be short but not immediate.


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