Türkiye has become a country that can produce critical technologies

Türkiye has become a country that can produce critical technologies

In his speech at the opening of the “Özdemir Bayraktar Planetarium and Science Center” built in Ortahisar district, Kacır said that he was happy to be in Trabzon.

Commemorating Özdemir Bayraktar with mercy, Kacır continued as follows:

“As a pioneering engineer and industrialist in helping our country achieve the ideal of full independence in critical technologies, he has undertaken a great duty and responsibility. With his knowledge, experience, effort and struggle, our national UAVs have paved the way for a breakthrough that turns paradigms upside down in the defense industry. ‘It cannot be done.’ ‘ has achieved what was said, and has shown our youth and entrepreneurs not to give up, to pursue their dreams, and that an idea can change the fate of a nation. Today, if we are talking about the vision of a ‘national technology move’, we owe a lot to our esteemed elder, the late Uncle Özdemir Bayraktar. May God rest his soul in peace. Many more “May our science center, which will train Özdemir Bayraktars, be beneficial and auspicious for our country and nation.”


Minister Kacır emphasized that Turkey is not a market for critical technologies today, but a country that can produce these technologies, and said, “In the past 21 years, we have undertaken 100-year-old projects under the leadership of our President. We have achieved this with our national technology move under the leadership of our President, using our own opportunities.” “We achieved this with an approach that took into account our strengths and the challenges we faced.” he said.

Stating that it was not easy to reach this point and that they encountered various obstacles, Kacır made the following evaluations:

“There were those who tried to put a block in our path, so to speak, but we knew that we had to reveal the hidden gem within us. We were aware that we had to create a mentality revolution. We literally rose from the ashes in line with our national technology move targets. Vecihi Hürkuş, Nuri Demirağ, Şakir Zümre, “We stood by our youth so that Turkish youth do not experience the same disappointment that Nuri Killigil experienced.”

Kacır pointed out that the average age of the teams that implement UAVs today is under 30 and said, “As we build the Turkey Century, we know that our young people will have their signature on all projects that will center on innovative technologies. Because our young people are our most valuable asset. In the Turkey of the Future.” “We have great expectations from our young people. As our country turns into a global production base step by step, we ensure that our young people play a leading role in our technology journey.” he said.


Minister Kacır said that they offer young people the opportunity to pursue their dreams with TEKNOFEST, the world’s largest aviation, space and technology festival.

Reminding that this excitement surrounded the entire Black Sea with TEKNOFEST Black Sea last year, Kacır said:

“On the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we hosted more than 4.5 million visitors at the TEKNOFESTs we held in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. 1 million young people in 337 thousand teams participated in 44 technology competitions. We had a busy time with citizens of all ages from 7 to 70. We were happy and proud of the interest and favor. While we stage our breakthroughs towards the national technology move with great pride, we also increase our national self-confidence. Our young people who saw Atak, Anka, Gökbey, Bayraktar TB-2, Kızılelma “I am also in the Turk’s century,” he says.

Kacır continued his words by explaining that especially middle school and high school students’ curiosity about technology makes them excited for the future:

“Nearly 70 thousand students, with more than 40 thousand projects, participated in the TÜBİTAK secondary and high school students research project competitions, which we organized in order to contribute to the scientific development of our students and enable them to step into the world of science and technology. We bring together our scientists with students through science interviews, and raise science awareness and popular science literacy in society.” “We instill the science culture in our young people through science fairs and science festivals, and offer them an environment where they can learn while having fun.”

Stating that they also organize Polar Research and Climate Change Research project competitions for high school students to raise awareness, Kacır said, “We send the winners of the competition to Antarctica to carry out their research. We also support our 5 thousand 435 university students with Research Projects Support Programs. To create an R&D culture, “In order to encourage R&D during the undergraduate period, we ensure that more than 6 thousand students take part in 3 thousand 287 projects within the scope of the Intern Researcher Scholarship Program.” said.

Kacır underlined that they offer free education to students in new generation software schools and said, “With the Sector on Campus Program, we bring together more than 10 thousand university students with industry professionals in fields such as artificial intelligence, block chain, advanced manufacturing and digital transformation. Our Martyr Eren Bülbül Youth Center is also included.” “We introduce our young people to the world of science and technology from the age of 11 in more than 100 Deneyap Technology Workshops in 81 cities. More than 17 thousand future scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs are educated here within the scope of our innovative and visionary curriculum.” he said.


Minister Kacır said that they aim to popularize the science culture in society and increase the society’s interest and curiosity in science through support for science centers.

Emphasizing that they provided more than 1 billion 300 million liras of support for 8 science centers in service, Kacır made the following evaluation:

“Trabzon Özdemir Bayraktar Science Center became our 9th science center supported by TÜBİTAK. We are working towards establishing science centers in 7 more provinces. Our science centers, which are open to visitors, have hosted 9.5 million guests to date. Our young people’s interest and curiosity in the world of science and technology It makes us very happy and gives us hope for the future. Today, we are opening a new page in the scientific journey of the Black Sea with the Özdemir Bayraktar Science Center in one of our distinguished cities, Trabzon. Established with the support of TÜBİTAK and Eastern Black Sea Development Agency, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality and T3 Foundation, Özdemir “Bayraktar Science Center is the first science center in the Eastern Black Sea Region.”

Minister Kacır shared the details of the center with the participants and said, “Our hope, our hope, our dream is that many Özdemir Bayraktars, many Aziz Sancars, many Selçuk Bayraktars will be trained in these centers. This suits Trabzon, this suits the Black Sea, this suits the Turkish youth.” he said.


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