Türkiye warns that “it cannot be ignored” Israeli nuclear arsenal

Türkiye warns that “it cannot be ignored” Israeli nuclear arsenal

This Tuesday, the president of Turkey, Racep Tayyip Erdogan, warned not to ignore Israel’s nuclear arsenal as “it is an issue on which one cannot remain silent”, ensuring that he will work to maintain this issue on the international agenda.

The Turkish head of state stated that he will work to keep issues surrounding the Israeli nuclear arsenal on the international agenda, particularly after the statements of an Israeli minister, who said that a nuclear attack on Gaza was a “possibility”.

Quoted by the Turkish daily newspaper “Hurriyet”, Erdogan points out that “Israel openly admits and confesses that it has nuclear weapons, but neither the United Nations Security Council nor the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) open an investigation.

“Those who do not speak out against Israel today cannot criticize other countries” stated the Turkish president, then attacking the United States of America, stating that he was not surprised by the support “for Israel’s lies by those who occupied Iraq under the pretext of the existence of nuclear and chemical weapons”.

Erdogan once again denounced the “total brutality” of the Israeli army in its offensive against the Gaza Strip, stating that it was “a barbarity equivalent to that experienced during the occupation in the crusades, a thousand years ago, and in the Second World War, 80 years ago.”

The Turkish head of state accused Tel Aviv of “state terrorism” in Gaza and stressed that Netanyahu is trying to regain his popularity in the country “by bombing places of worship, schools and hospitals”.

“Hospitals, in particular, have become a symbol of Israel’s brutality. Almost all hospitals operating in Gaza have been destroyed, damaged or rendered unusable,” he concluded.


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