Türkiye will implement it for the first time in the world! Words of praise: Your success will be an example

Türkiye will implement it for the first time in the world!  Words of praise: Your success will be an example

In his speech at the Opening Meeting of the Environmental and Social Management System organized by the Bank of Provinces (İLBANK), Özhaseki stated that they carry out a chain of activities with ILBANK, which supports the organization of the infrastructure of the cities, the beautification of the superstructure and the provision of an environment where people can live in a more modern, happy and prosperous environment.

Stating that the important issues of the Ministry in recent times are the February 6 earthquakes and the earthquake that may occur in Marmara, Özhaseki shared the following:

“The damage caused by the February 6 earthquakes was great. We saw that around 680 thousand residences, around 170 thousand workplaces and warehouses were destroyed. Every department of our ministry has been working day and night for almost a year in order to eliminate all these. We are building around 50 thousand steel houses in our villages. “We are building the squares of our cities. We also use the loans coming from the World Bank partnership for infrastructure. People from our allied countries who know Turkey closely said, ‘Many European countries could not survive such an earthquake, be sure that even half of this earthquake could happen in some of the countries we represent. “We often came across expressions such as ‘we couldn’t handle it.'”


Özhaseki stated that the North Anatolian Fault Line started from Erzincan in 1939 and reached the Marmara Sea in a straight line with intervals of several years, and that there are opinions that an earthquake may occur as a result of energy accumulation in this area.

Emphasizing the importance of the Marmara Sea and its surroundings, Özhaseki pointed out that there are 7 cities where more than 20 million people live, and continued his words as follows:

“That region constitutes 47 percent of Turkey’s gross national product. We are working day and night to minimize the damage that an earthquake may cause in such a region. We hope that there will be no major damage after an earthquake that may occur there. Like us, ancient It is a clear reality that if you have built houses in cities that meet the standards of that day, each of these houses needs to be renewed.

The only way to create earthquake-resistant cities is urban transformation. We passed the law in 2012, and to date we have changed and transformed 2 million 250 thousand houses. Currently, the construction of around 425 thousand houses continues; It will change and transform. “I think that when we continue this, we will make our Istanbul and the cities in the Marmara Region resistant to earthquakes.”


Touching on climate change, Özhaseki said that according to UN reports, if the temperature increase in the world continues at this rate until 2050, 216 million people will be displaced due to the negative course of climate change, and this will bring many problems.

Özhaseki pointed out that the responsibilities of countries that pollute the atmosphere are high and said:

“Although we, as a country, have very little responsibility at this point, we are willingly and knowingly taking part in this struggle, and we will continue to take part in the future. We continue to do all the activities we can do in our country, rapidly. First Lady Emine Erdoğan, the spouses of our esteemed President “There is a ‘Zero Waste’ project, which has gained even more value after receiving its protection. While only 15 percent of the waste we have thrown out in 7 years has been evaluated, this rate has increased to 35 percent by the end of 2023. We will increase this to 100 percent.”


Mehmet Özhaseki thanked ILBANK for its infrastructure investments for the development and growth of cities and emphasized that devoted efforts were made.

Özhaseki said that a new stage has been reached with the Environmental and Social Management System and continued as follows:

“It is a phase for us to be seen as a partner in this partnership to be established with the World Bank, to be given authority and to have a system that will be implemented for the first time in the world. In the coming days, when any work will be done, the social and environmental risks of this work will definitely be taken into consideration and “The standard for this will be determined. At least while the expropriation is being carried out, the citizens’ opinions and opinions will be taken into account. The opinions of the institutions, organizations and people who will be affected by the project will be examined more carefully. If there are complaints, they will be tried to be eliminated, while occupational safety will be prioritized.”


ILBANK General Manager Recep Türk explained that the establishment of the Environmental and Social Management System, which required intense effort and effort, was successfully completed.

Stating that the system has become the bank’s policy thanks to the support of the World Bank, Türk said, “With this system, we will reduce the process of evaluating the environmental and social impacts of investments from an average of one year to 2 months. With this time saving, our local governments will start the operational period earlier for the external financing they use.” , they will significantly reduce their repayment obligations.” he said.


World Bank Turkey Country Director Humberto Lopez also stated that they encourage countries to use this system, which will provide great benefits.

Pointing to the step taken by Turkey, Lopez said, “A country, an institution, is implementing this application for the first time in the world. It is a great success made under the leadership of your ministry and government. When you start implementing this system, you will encounter some difficulties. When you have difficulties in this area, call us, “We want to support you in this regard. Your success will be an example for us to spread your work around the world.” said.

Deputy ministers, ministry officials, United Nations Development Program Resident Representative Louisa Vinton, French Development Agency Turkey Director Tanguy Denieul, Japan International Cooperation Agency Turkey Office Head Daisuke Watanabe and guests attended the program.


The Environmental and Social Management System, which has been completed and entered into force on December 24, 2023, will become active after a 6-month preparation period.

The Environmental and Social Management System will increase the environmental and social effectiveness of regional directorates and other relevant departments and ensure the control, monitoring and reporting of environmental and social risks in projects carried out with external financing through the system to be established within the bank.

The system, which will increase the efficiency of project preparation and the effectiveness of environmental and social risk management during the implementation of projects, will allow ILBANK to mainstream the general sustainability approach in its investment activities.


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