TVE disrupts the broadcast of ‘La Promesa’ again

TVE disrupts the broadcast of ‘La Promesa’ again


Updated at 5:24 p.m.

If you don’t want broth, two cups, the programmers will think. TVE. Because this Monday, November 20, there will be, not one, but two new chapters of ‘The promise’ starting at 5:30 p.m.

Therefore, the second installment of ‘The promise’ It will be broadcast from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.; an issuance strategy to which Spanish Television has resorted on more than one occasion to guarantee a good audience figure in the afternoon slot and stand up to the competition, but it prevents a part of the public from seeing it live, since it requires them to spend two hours in front of the television to find out about the latest events of ‘The promise’.

According to the preview sent by RTVE, La 1 was going to broadcast five new episodes, one for each day of the week. However, with this last minute change, there will be an extra chapter, so next Friday the 24th they will reach episode 238.

Chapter 233 of ‘The Promise’

Martina’s discomfort does not stop, causing Margarita to intervene. The lady goes to Abel to try to find out the origin of her ailments. The conclusion reached by the doctor will not please the young lady at all. Cruz is more than upset with her sister-in-law. The Marchioness tries to mediate between her son and her wife, without being able to prevent Margarita from meddling once again in her family affairs. Jimena is still very tense thinking that Manuel is hiding the nature of her trip from her. For this reason, Jimena approaches María Fernández and Teresa to try to resolve her concerns. Jana and Manuel continue on their particular cloud of love. What the maid is not aware of is that her brother, in her desire to get closer to Alonso, will make a decision that will anger the Marquis. Time is running out for Lope, who begins to be aware that the days in La Promesa, for him, are coming to an end. What the boy does not expect is that Rómulo comes to him with a proposal to say a grand farewell.

Chapter 234 of ‘The Promise’

The situation is not easy for lovers. Jimena’s obsession with discovering where (and with whom) Manuel was on her getaway leads her to put excessive pressure on her husband. And Jana intends to cut off relations with Abel; although María Fernández asks him to be cautious. Despite everything, the attraction between Jana and Manuel is greater than ever and they look for small moments to give free rein to their passion. Lope organizes a big dinner to say goodbye to her, both to the gentlemen and to her colleagues. Before leaving for Madrid, Lope shares a conversation with Mauro where he confesses that one of his reasons for leaving is that he is still madly in love with María. Petra regrets Feliciano’s suffering all these years ago, under the yoke of her abusive father; and she becomes especially worried when she finds out that Teresa is privy to the secret of her father’s death. Jerónimo Gamboa, the Count of Añil’s valet, arrives at La Promesa… And his identity is a big surprise.


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