Two managers are prosecuted for issuing false documentation in 80 procedures for foreigners

Two managers are prosecuted for issuing false documentation in 80 procedures for foreigners

Two managers were prosecuted for alleged irregularities in procedures related to temporary residence for immigrants. The decision was reported from the Federal Chamber of the city of Buenos Aires. From Justice, they commented that the fakes They occurred approximately 80 times.

The request for prosecution had been expressed by the 12th federal court of Caba, and today it was confirmed by the aforementioned Chamber. The subjects are identified as “co-authors of the crime of presenting false documentation, when requesting an immigration benefit for third parties.”

Due to the fact, the managers will not have to undergo preventive detention, but they were seized for $300,000 each. This is a penalty for presenting false proof of residence for residence permit procedures before the National Immigration Directorate.

According to information from the Justice Department, the defendants registered the foreigners in apocryphal addresses. This occurred in at least 80 cases, of which in 66 of them the beneficiaries were outside the country at the time of being searched by the authorities at the declared addresses.

In addition, the Chamber indicated that “identical addresses were frequently declared, in certain cases reaching a practically impossible number of inhabitants per house.” And they added that, for example, at a single address “24 domicile certificates were issued for different people.”

The chambermaids Pablo Bertuzzi, Leopoldo Bruglia and Mariano Llorens confirmed the prosecutions of the accused who were “representatives of different foreign citizens” who were processing temporary residence in the country.

The Uocra advisor appeared at all construction accidents and spoke on behalf of the union.  (Raimundo Viñuelas / The Voice).

“The National Directorate of Migration reported a total of three hundred and thirty-five cases initiated by those named, many of which included the presentation of domicile certificates that contained the allegedly false signature of the police personnel involved,” the resolution noted.


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