Two of the eight arrested for the death of civil guards in Barbate are released with charges

Two of the eight arrested for the death of civil guards in Barbate are released with charges

Release with charges for the two men who were arrested when they were going to pick up in a vehicle in Sotogrande the six crew members of the drug boat that rammed a Civil Guard patrol boat and caused the death of two agents last Friday in the port of Barbate. This has been agreed by the mixed Court number one of Barbate (Cádiz).

Despite being arrested for alleged crimes of concealment and serious resistance to authority, these two men, aged 34 and 54, and with a history of drug trafficking and smuggling, assured upon leaving the Court that “they were not doing anything.” », that «they have not killed anyone» and that they were not on board the boat that ran over the two agents.

Podemos joins the pressure against Marlaska:

The other six detainees continue to give statements. Among them is a 46-year-old resident of La Línea de la Concepción, identified as FJMP and known as “Kiko el Cabra”, with a history of resistance to authority, disobedience and money laundering and who allegedly piloted the drug gang.

Also testifying at this time is JIAB, 39 years old, with no criminal record but numerous infractions, almost all for possession and consumption of narcotic substances; MC, 24 years old and with no criminal record; and three other crew members, aged 21, 24 and 28, with a history of drug trafficking, attack on an authority officer, injuries, crimes against property and money laundering; now facing two alleged crimes of homicide and serious injuries to law enforcement agents. All of them would be Spanish nationals except MC, 24 years old, who is a Moroccan subject, as reported by the Civil Guard.

The deceased agents are Miguel Ángel González Gómez, 39 years old, a native of the Cadiz municipality of San Fernando, member of the Group of Underwater Activities Specialists (GEAS), with a partner and a daughter; and David Pérez Carracedo, 43 years old, native of Barcelona, ​​member of the Rapid Action Group (GAR), with a wife and two children.


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